A treasure combination in Resident Evil 4 refers to the pattern of gemstones added to valuable items. In the original game, decorating a treasure with different colored gems was the best combo. But the remake introduces a new gemstone bonus system with ten possible combinations.


Resident Evil 4 Remake: Where to Find All Clockwork Castellans

There are 16 Clockwork Castellans in the Resident Evil 4 remake; this guide shows the exact location of all.

Updated on April 2, 2024, by Mohsen Baqery: With the release of RE4 Remake on iPhone devices, a new wave of players may be eager to revisit the intense gameplay and detailed storyline of this beloved masterpiece. In light of this, this guide is updated to include three additional affordable and lucrative treasure combinations. These formulas ensure that players can quickly amass wealth and upgrade their weapons with ease. Additionally, the guide now features a section dedicated to assisting players in investing their gems based on their rarity levels. Armed with these tips and tricks, RE4 Remake players can transform into professional treasure hunters and fully optimize their equipment without relying on microtransactions or cheats.

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The bonus system in RE4 works by multiplying the additional value of the gems by a number ranging from ×1.1 to ×2.0. Two blue gemstones, for example, increase a treasure’s value by 8,000. But with the added value of the Dou Combo, their bonus becomes 10,400.

The following table shows all gemstone combinations and explains their bonuses:

Gemstone Combo

Pesetas Bonus


Two Colors


Two gemstones with different colors



Two gemstones with the same color

Three Colors


Three gemstones of different colors



Three gemstones of the same color

Two Duos


Two pairs of gemstones with the same color

Four Colors


Four gemstones of different colors



Four gemstones of the same color

Duo & Trio


One pair and one trio of gemstones with different colors



Five gemstones of the same color

Five Colors


Five gemstones with different colors

The Best Combinations for Treasures in RE4 Remake

Considering the bonus, the best treasure combinations in the RE4 remake are Five Colors, Quintet, and Duo Trio.

With the Five Color combo, the goal is to decorate a treasure with five gems of different colors. With Quintet, the goal is to combine five same-colored gemstones. And with Duo & Trio, the aim should be to have a same-colored pair and a same-colored triad of gems on one treasure.

With that being said, here are the most expensive treasure combinations in the RE4 remake.

#1. Elegant Crown (Duo & Trio)

best-treasure-combo-elegant-crown-resident-evil-4-remake (1)

The most lucrative combination for the Elegant Crown is a Duo & Trio with two yellow gems and three red beryls. The combo would increase the crown’s price to 108,000 Ptas., making it the most expensive item in the game.

Quintet is also a good combination for the Elegant Crown. With five gems of different colors, its value goes up to 100,000.

#2. Ornate Necklace (Quartet)

To sell the Ornate Necklace for the highest price, the player should give it a Quartet combination. An all-red gemstone decoration increases this treasure’s cost to 59,500, making it one of the most high-priced treasures ever.

#3. Chalice of Atonement (Trio)


Inlaying the Chalice of Atonement with three red beryls boosts its price to 47,600 Ptas. What makes this treasure even more valuable is its viability; the player can purchase it from the Merchant for 3 Spinels.

#4. Elegant Mask (Trio)


A combination of three same-colored gemstones is the ideal decoration for the Elegant Mask. Attaching all-yellow jewels to this treasure would increase its price to 36,400 Ptas.

#5. Butterfly Lamp (Trio)


Although an average treasure, the Butterfly Lamp with three blue gems is worth 25,200 Ptas. Of course, three yellow stones would up its price even further, but the player is advised to keep those for more precious collectibles like the Elegant Crown.

#6. Golden Lynx (Trio)

Resident Evil 4 remake golden lynx best gemstone bonuses combination

Acquiring the Golden Lynx is no easy feat. However, if you manage to obtain one, enhance its value byadorning it with two Red Gems and one Red Beryl. This Trio gem combination is the optimal choice, as the statue features two round and one square-shaped empty slot. Employing the same-color strategy, you can elevate the overall price of this item to 40,000 Pesetas.

Another viable combination for this treasure involves a Three-Color approach, utilizing a yellow diamond, a sapphire, and an emerald. However, the increase in value closely resembles that of the Trio combination. Therefore, the decision ultimately boils down to the gems available in your inventory.

#7. Flagon

RE4 Remake Duo Bonus Flagon Cropped
The optimal gemstone combination for a Flagon is the Duo
. Adorning this item with two same-colored gems yields the highest bonus rate, x1.2. With the Flagon’s base price set at 4,000 Pesetas, the maximum selling price you can achieve is

21,600 Pesetas
, assuming you utilize two Yellow Diamonds.

Don’t waste your rare gemstones on Flagon. Since the treasure’s base price is low, it is best to enhance it with common gems like rubies.

#8. Splendid Bangle (Dou)

Resident Evil 4 remake gemstone bonus splendid bangle

Combining two Red Beryl gems with a Splendid Bangle boosts its value by 21,600 Pesetas, elevating its worth to 25,600 from the base price of 4,000. While this increment may seem modest, it’s worth noting that multiple Splendid Bangles are scattered throughout the game. Thus, this process can be viewed as a recurring and regenerative profit resource.

If you’re planning on saving your rare Beryl, opt for a two-color basic combination instead. With this strategy, you will boost the overall value of the Bangle by a factor of 1.2, resulting in a commendable profit margin. This approach proves particularly advantageous early in your adventure when your treasure-hunting opportunities are restricted.

Best Way to Invest Your Gemstones in Treasures

In RE4 Remake’s campaign, the availability of gemstones is restricted, but certain types have a higher drop rate. Red Gems, for instance, are more abundant and easier to come by. Therefore, if you aim to enhance the value of common loot, embellishing it with Red Gems is advisable. However, it’s wise to retain rare gemstones like Yellow Diamonds, as they are guaranteed to significantly increase the value of end-game treasures.

How to Find the Best Combination for Treasures

To come up with the best combinations, calculate the final price beforehand or try different patterns in the pause menu. The formula for treasure combinations is simple: Sum the gemstones’ price, multiply it by the gemstone bonus rate, and add the sum to the item’s base price.


Added Value (Ptas.)

Red gem


Blue gem


Yellow gem


Green beryl


Purple beryl


Red beryl


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