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It is always better to be more powerful in an action role-playing experience like Rise of the Ronin, and there are several ways players can achieve that in the game. Better equipment can always be found on missions or in the open world; blacksmiths can upgrade existing gear to higher levels, and in general, your skill at fighting and, more importantly, parrying with Countersparks will improve.

There is also another layer to look at, which is the game’s skill tree system. With four different areas of interesting skills and buffs to unlock, along with two different skill points to earn, there will be plenty for players to do if they want to be a true master in ancient Japan. If you are hoping to earn skill points fast to make that happen in Rise of the Ronin, here’s what you will need to do.


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Types of Skill Points in Rise of the Ronin

There are two different types of skill points that can be obtained throughout your progression in the game. Normal Skill Points can be earned from leveling up, accumulating Karma by helping others, participating in open-world activities, increasing weapon proficiency, or using a Treatise of Enlightenment.

Types of Skill Points in Rise of the Ronin

Rare Skill Points, on the other hand, require completing bond missions, participating in side quests and activities, accumulating Karma, using one of the four other Treatises, and more. The four Rare Skill Points are Strength, Dexterity, Charm, and Intellect, which are also the skill trees available.

Putting points into each of the skill trees will also improve the base and secondary stats associated with them, which are:

  • Strength: Increases Primary Attack and Defense
  • Dexterity: Increases Secondary Attack and Stagger
  • Charm: Increases Poise, Ki Recovery, and Luck
  • Intellect: Increases Infliction and Adaptability

Getting Skill Points Fast in Rise of the Ronin

With the range of benefits that come from unlocking new skills and improving your stats, it is clear that players will need to invest time and effort to get as many skill points as possible, whether it is alone or in co-op. Here are some strategies to do just that:

Normal Skill Points

The easiest skill point to earn, players should do their best to help out in any random encounters, engage in combat as much as possible, and complete all side missions and activities. Clearing areas completely is also a great source of XP and rewards, which will all go to your leveling progression and Karma accumulation.

The game is also quite generous with doling out
Treatises of Enlightenment
, so be sure to use those for an instant boost to your skill point pool.

Earning Skill Points Fast in Rise of the Ronin

Strength Skill Points

For Strength Skill Points, the main avenues through which players can reliably earn them are by building personal bonds with specific allies, hunting down fugitives around the world, and collecting everything within an area. Treatises of Strength are also given at quite a regular rate, so don’t be shy about using them.

Dexterity Skill Points

Those hoping to accrue more Dexterity Skill Points will need to prepare themselves to run the gauntlet at the dojo, as training rewards from finishing fights at a high level will often be Dexterity Skill Points. Otherwise, your other avenues are to build close relationships with allies, completing areas, and using Treatises.

Charm Skill Points

The Charm Skill Points hunt will definitely appeal to cat lovers, as the cat-collecting activity in Rise of the Ronin will lead to more of the skill points being rewarded as you seek out 100 cats. They can be found everywhere, so make use of your tools like the Grappling Hook or the Glider. In the meantime, be sure to get close to your allies and complete areas to earn more, and use Treatises to get that extra boost.

Earning Skill Points Fast in Rise of the Ronin with Treatises

Intellect Skill Points

Last but not least, Intellect Skill Points are most reliably obtained by having a keen eye and completing the different photograph requests that can be found in the world.

These can be part of the area completion or more specific requests given by the vendors at the Photographic Studio. At the same time, don’t neglect your allies and check your inventory for Treatises of Intellect to help your growth.

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