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The team over at Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja are masters when it comes to delivering an enjoyable action role-playing experience, and that is certainly the case for Rise of the Ronin. By bringing players to a period of strife and progress, it opens up a world full of possibilities just waiting for those brave enough to grasp the chance.

However, before players get into the meat of the game, there is still the small matter of choosing their character’s origin story, which will affect the early hours of the game in a significant manner. If you are scratching your head over deciding which of the Blade Sharpening Origins is right for you in Rise of the Ronin, let this guide help you.


Rise of the Ronin: Burning Questions

People can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions related to Rise of Ronin in this guide.

All Blade Sharpening Origins Explained in Rise of the Ronin

Essentially, when players are given the opportunity to create their character’s look, they will also have to decide which of the Blade Sharpening Origins is right for the Veiled Edges. The chosen option will determine the initial abilities and special skills of the character, as well as the weapons they excel at wielding.

Here are the available options:


As a Killer, players will learn the way of the Veiled Edge passed down for generations, cutting all who stand in their way and striking fear into enemies. This Blade Sharpening Origin starts with the special skill of Repel Arrows/Bullets to deal with ranged threats and is more proficient with the Katana, Odachi, and Greatsword weapons.

The Killer starts with
78 Strength, 75 Dexterity, 76 Charm, and 75 Intelligence

Choosing the Right Blade Sharpening Origins in Rise of the Ronin


The Breaker is well versed in the art of Ninjutsu, with refined skills in handling both the Paired Swords and the Bayonet, while having the skill of Rapid Assassination, which allows players to catch enemies by surprise and take them out instantly in quick succession. Smart use of the terrain will come with clear rewards.

The Breaker starts with
75 Strength, 77 Dexterity, 75 Charm, and 76 Intelligence


The Seducer knows about the art of being charismatic and charming and has efficient Ki usage that will come in handy when wielding the Polearm and Oxtail Sword. Characters also begin with the Speechcraft “Liar” skill unlocked from the start, allowing for the manipulation of conversations to your benefit.

The Seducer starts with
76 Strength, 75 Dexterity, 78 Charm, and 75 Intelligence


The Sapper loves using the Spear and Saber and has a wide range of knowledge required for being a top spy. In addition, the starting special skill of increased refill of Medicinal Pills means players will start with more healing supplies right from the start, increasing their survivability.

The Sapper starts with
75 Strength, 75 Dexterity, 75 Charm, and 79 Intelligence

Choosing the Right Blade Sharpening Origins in Rise of the Ronin-1


For those who have a harder time deciding, the Beginner is more capable of learning a multitude of special skills, but a lack of specialization means that they will take a longer time to reach their full potential. This is the right choice for those who want to go through the entire journey with full control.

The Beginner starts with
75 Strength, 75 Dexterity, 75 Charm, and 75 Intelligence


The Blade Sharpening Origin is meant for those who love a challenge. Picking this means having a tougher time at the start of the game without any advantages. With poor attributes and only the most basic skills, it will take some effort to get them up to strength to face the challenges in Rise of the Ronin.

The Unsharpened starts with
70 Strength, 70 Dexterity, 70 Charm, and 70 Intelligence

Which Blade Sharpening Origin is Best?

It all comes down to personal play style, but with stealth having a big impact on open-world exploration and assassination providing instant kills for most of the enemies, the Breaker’s starting skill of Rapid Assassination is certainly one of the best options to go with. Getting the drop on a group of enemies becomes a procession as players can eliminate them one after the other without breaking a sweat, and the Paired Swords offer speed and power.

Otherwise, it is also good to go with the Killer or Sapper, with the former giving you more of an ability to withstand ranged attacks along with proficiency in a good variety of weapons, while the latter allows more room for error thanks to increased medicinal pills available to be replenished. The spear also helps thanks to its range against all of the other melee weapons.

As for the Seducer, the Polearm functions similarly to the spear, but the Oxtail Blade requires more finesse due to its focus on aerial attacks. Furthermore, the Speechcraft skill is only ever used in specific conversations, and is not necessarily an important must-have compared to the other skills on offer. For those who prefer more of a challenge going into Rise of the Ronin, the Beginner and the Unsharpened Blade Sharpening Origins will be the ones to go for. Whereas the Beginner offers a more balanced approach, the Unsharpened is meant for those who are looking to prove their worth in the world, and investing time and effort into growing their own ronin for the job.

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Rise of the Ronin
March 22, 2024

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