Dragon Dogma 2’s Prey for the Pack can end up being a very sad questline if you take too long to wrap it up.

There are some quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that will have a glowing hourglass icon on them if you check them out in the quest menu. If this icon appears on your quest, something might happen if you take too long to complete the activity. Prey for the Pack is one of those Dragon’s Dogma 2 quests that will have a different outcome if you dilly-dally. In this guide, we’ll go over the two possibilities for the quest and tell you its differing rewards.


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How to Start Prey for the Pack Quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2

We were able to start the Prey for the Pack quest by walking by Morris’ Apothecary in a small area known as the Checkpoint Rest Town, which is on the far west side of the world map. He doesn’t mean to pry, but he asks you if you can go out and search for his missing grandson, Rodge. It turns out that wolves have abducted the kid, but the actual location of his whereabouts will need to be acquired by speaking with some people in town.

Find Rodge and Go to His Aid

In order to find the cave that Rodge is stuck in, we had to speak to three NPCs within the village:

The latter is hanging out by the northern exit, and the other two girls are also near that little area by the exit, which is close to the Ox Cart station.

The Putrid Cave will be revealed after speaking to the townspeople. Here’s a map of its location for anyone who just wants to head there without getting the mark on their own in-game map:

putrid cave dd2 prey for the pack

You’ll need to defeat the enemies in the cave and then escort the boy back to the Morris at the Apothecary.

Prey for the Pack Outcomes and Rewards

We’ve discovered two outcomes for the Prey for the Pack quest—as far as we know, there are only two. If you take too long to find his whereabouts and save him, Rodge will die to the wolves, and your reward from Morris will be less.

You’ll still need to deliver Rodge’s Scrap of Cloth to the Apothecary to ‘complete’ the quest.

Prey for the Pack Outcomes

If Rodge lives…


11K Gold

2 Miracle Roborant

If Rodge dies…


8K Gold


Here’s a video of what happens if you lose Rodge and return to Morris with his tattered clothes


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