Together with the likes of Blox Fruits and Brookhaven, BuildIntoGames’ Pet Simulator titles are among the most popular games on Roblox. The most recent of these is Pet Simulator 99, which, having already managed to attract well over half a billion visits within its first few months on the platform, seems destined to become the team’s biggest game to date.


How to Rank Up Fast in Pet Simulator 99

In this guide, Roblox fans will find the most effective ways to rank up fast in Pet Simulator 99.

Naturally, a lot of people are on the lookout for Pet Simulator 99 codes, whether to try and make the game a little easier or to get their hands on rare or hard-to-obtain pets. This guide will provide insight into some of the different types of Pet Simulator 99 codes that Roblox players should be on the lookout for and how and where they’ll need to go to redeem them.

Updated January 27, 2024, by Tom Bowen: Codes are an important part of a lot of modern Roblox games, but it’s starting to appear as though this isn’t going to be the case for BuildIntoGames’ latest title. Despite millions of people scouring the internet for Pet Simulator 99 codes, no working codes have been discovered yet, leading many to believe that they probably never will be. We’ll continue to scour the game’s socials and Discord server each week on the off chance that the devs do suddenly decide to release one or two codes for Pet Sim 99, but fans of the game should probably prepare themselves for the possibility that this day may never come.

All Pet Simulator 99 Codes (January 2024)

Pet Simulator 99! (Roblox)

As of the moment, the developers have not released any Pet Simulator 99 codes. However, there are plenty of YouTube videos in which the creators claim to have working codes, many of which have attracted tens of thousands of views on the platform. We went through a few of the most popular of these videos to test out these codes just so you wouldn’t have to. None of them worked when we tried to redeem them, but for those who’d like to confirm this for themselves and would rather not have to sit through a bunch of padding just to find them, a selection of these supposed Pet Simulator 99 codes can be found in the table below.

Pet Simulator 99 Codes (YouTube)

Alternatively, it’s possible to get player-specific Pet Simulator 99 codes that actually work by purchasing Pet Simulator merchandise like plushies and toys from the BuildIntoGames Merchandise store. These codes will only work once though, so players shouldn’t share them with anybody until after they’ve redeemed them.

How to Redeem Pet Simulator 99 Codes


Players can redeem Pet Sim 99 codes by visiting the Exclusive Shop in-game and scrolling down to the bottom until they see a big green “Redeem” button. After pressing it, it’s a simple case of typing or pasting in the Pet Simulator 99 merch code and then hitting redeem again. The redemption process is pretty similar to the ones found in other Roblox games, so seasoned players should have no trouble figuring it out.


How to Farm Diamonds Fast in Pet Simulator 99

Many players wonder how to farm diamonds fast in Pet Simulator 99. Learn about various ways you can get diamonds in this quick guide.

What’s the Pet Simulator 99 Super Secret Code at Preston’s Shop?


Players will be able to find Preston’s Shop once they unlock Area 35. It’s in the tunnel to the left of the area and can be accessed via a hole in the wall. If players interact with Preston, they’ll be prompted to enter the Pet Simulator 99 Super Secret Code. Despite a few unverified claims to the contrary, however, it appears as though nobody has discovered the Super Secret Code as of the time of writing, or, if they have, they’ve opted against sharing it publicly. Fans of the game can rest assured though that when it does become public knowledge, the Super Secret Code for Preston’s Shop will be added to this guide right away.

How to Get More Pet Sim 99 Codes


As of the moment, the only surefire way to get Pet Simulator 99 codes is to purchase merchandise from the BuildIntoGames store. However, it’s also a good idea to follow the developers of the game on X (formerly Twitter) and join the BuildIntoGames Discord server. The latter is a great place to learn more about the game and interact with like-minded players. There are no Pet Sim 99 Codes there at the moment, but once new codes do become available, they’ll almost certainly be posted on the server; either by fans of the game or the devs themselves.

The Best Roblox Games Like Pet Simulator 99


There’s more than enough content in Pet Simulator 99 to keep players busy for hours on end. However, there will probably come a point when fans of the popular pet simulator game find themselves craving something a little different. Thankfully, when this does eventually happen, there are plenty of great Roblox games like Pet Simulator 99, the very best of which can be found below.

roblox game

Roblox – Game
Roblox Corporation

Roblox Corporation

September 1, 2006


Q: What are the latest Pet Simulator 99 codes?

As of the time of writing, there are no active Pet Simulator 99 codes. Players can obtain merch codes by purchasing products from the BuildIntoGames store, but these are player-specific and can only be redeemed once.

Q: Can I use merch codes that were redeemed in previous Pet Simulator games?

When redeeming merch codes in previous Pet Simulator games, players were instructed to keep hold of their codes for use in future games. However, at the time of writing, it is not possible to reuse old codes in Pet Simulator 99.

Q: What’s the Pet Simulator 99 Super Secret code?

Right now, nobody knows the Super Secret code for Preston’s Shop. There are plenty of YouTube videos and webpages that claim to, but none actually provide a working code.


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