Sons of the Forest is a horror survival game where players must fight through a hostile island. Enemies include cannibals and wildlife above ground and mutants in the damp caves and bunkers. Luckily, there are several weapons players can pick up around the island, including a Bolt Action Rifle.

The Bolt Action Rifle is a firearm with a scope that lends itself to long-distance, accurate attacks. It also has some of the highest damage output among the other guns. Players will likely find the Bolt Action Rifle later in their playthrough, but they can go after it with the right equipment at any time. This guide covers everything players need to get the Bolt Action Rifle in Sons of the Forest, including its location and the equipment necessary to find it.


Sons of the Forest: How to Upgrade Weapons

Players can now upgrade their weapons to deal more damage in Sons of the Forest, and here’s how.

Preparing to Get the Bolt Action Rifle in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest 1.0 Bolt Action Rifle Cave

The Bolt Action Rifle is a late-game weapon players can pick up from one of the many caves. Caves are dark, dangerous territories home to mutants and most of the island’s secrets. Players must ensure they are prepared before entering a cave by gathering food, drinks, and other equipment.

First, they will need the Rebreather to explore the Bolt Action Rifle cave. The Rebreather is a vital diving equipment that allows players to swim underwater for an extended time. It can be found in a cave near the beach spawn point.

Sons of The Forest Rebreather

Next, picking up the Flashlight and at least one ranged weapon is a good idea. Most firearm ammo is scarce and can only be picked up in specific locations, so use it wisely. Alternatively, players can use a bow and craft as many arrows as the inventory will hold.

Sons of The Forest Flashlight

Finally, players should ensure they have the necessary resources to maintain their hunger, thirst, energy, and stamina. Tarps can be placed on cave floors if players need to rest or save their game.

Bolt Action Rifle Cave Location in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest 1.0 Bolt Action Rifle Cave

The Bolt Action Rifle cave is on the island’s east side near the base of the snowy mountain. The entrance is found on the edge of a large lake. Players can use a melee weapon to break the boards blocking the entrance.

How to Get the Bolt Action Rifle in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest 1.0 Bolt Action Rifle Cave

After entering the cave, players will see an open room with a boat on the right near the entrance. Go past the boat and follow the path lined with wooden planks. In the next section, move deeper into the cave and crouch to pass through a crevice in the rocks. Players will see a light against the back wall on the other side.

The light illuminates a yellow cave drawing. Go to the right of the cave drawing, and there will be more wooden planks on the ground leading the way. The path is straightforward and takes players into a large, dark room.


Sons of the Forest: How to Increase Strength

Strength is important in Sons of the Forest if players want to maximize their combat, stealth, and speed, so here’s how to increase it.

Players should stay along the right wall of the cave, and they will see an orange light towards the back of the next area of the cave. Move towards the light, and a bunch of Solafite Ore is lining a short tunnel. Crouch to follow the tunnel to a pool of water. Players should equip the Rebreather and then jump into the water to swim through an underwater path.

Players must go through the path, passing skeletons and limbs until they can resurface. Once they’re above water, they will see wooden planks on the rocks. Move towards the right of the cave and follow the path until there are hanging skulls and lights.

Sons of the Forest 1.0 Bolt Action Rifle

Right before passing the skulls, turn left. There will be what looks like slime along the walls with bodies embedded in it. The Bolt Action Rifle can be found in the hands of a dead soldier hanging upside down from the ceiling.

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