• Slay or spare Gonzo in “Curtain Falls, Curtain Rises” for unique side quest The Bad Bunch & more cash flow in
    Rise of the Ronin.
  • Build gadgets with Igashichi to unlock “A Lucky Find Put to Use” quest with flamethrower &
    Metal Gear
    -style Detector in
    Rise of the Ronin.
  • Join Yukichi for pacifist mission “In Search of New Knowledge” aboard a ship in
    Rise of the Ronin
    to unlock artifacts with no kills.

Side quests come in a variety of flavors in Rise of the Ronin. For example, there are collection-based side quests like finding cats for a certain owner in Yokohama. Her name is Usugumo Dayu, and she will reward players with things in her exclusive shop the more cats that players find. There is a fugitive-based system that works like this too, with a constable in Yokohama.


8 Beginner Tips For Rise of the Ronin

Team Ninja’s Rise of the Ronin can be overwhelming, and these tips should help newcomers get started in this PS5 open-world game.

There are also random pop-up side quests that can occur while exploring the world, and these aren’t marked on the map. Those are all fine examples of side quests in Rise of the Ronin, but let’s look at the very best side quests players should invest time into early on. No big spoilers will be shared.

8 The Bad Bunch

Getting Gonzo As An Ally

Gonzo in Rise of the Ronin

“Curtain Falls, Curtain Rises” is one of the first big missions that players can get into, as it will carry over into Rise of the Ronin’s multiplayer. On this mission, players can slay the bandit leader, Gonzo, or spare him. Sparing him will open up “The Bad Bunch” side quest, wherein he can be recruited.

He’s worth the effort, as Gonzo is genuinely a changed person after that initial mission. Players can even get more money from enemies if he is in the party, and an increased cash flow is always welcome in a big RPG.

7 A Lucky Find Put To Use

Going Full Metal Gear

Igashichi in Rise of the Ronin

Players will form a bond with Igashichi Iizuka through several story missions. After that, he will open up a shop wherein he will improve gadgets and build new ones. Once players have him build the Detector and Fire Pipe gadgets, the side quest “A Lucky Find Put to Use” will unlock.

Igashichi will take the player to a graveyard that is being ransacked by bandits. Players can then test out the Detector, which is like the radar system from the Metal Gear games, which will allow them to get familiar with the gadget. The Fire Pipe is just a flamethrower, and it’s funny to use, albeit the opposite of stealthy.

6 In Search Of New Knowledge

Take Knowledge, Not Lives

Yukichi in Rise of the Ronin

Yukichi Fukuzawa is kind of a nerdy samurai who wants to learn all about the Western world. “In Search of New Knowledge” is a mission that will task players with retrieving artifacts aboard a foreign ship alongside Yukichi. Players can approach the mission however they please, but they will get a bonus if they don’t kill anyone.


6 Things To Do First In Rise of the Ronin

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The easiest way to do this is through unarmed combat, which is actually quite fun to learn as one of Rise of the Ronin’s many combat/weapon styles. If players do want to go the pacifist route, they don’t have to worry about what their other allies do. Yasusuke Sawamura, who will join later, will kill enemies with wanton abandon, and that’s fine.

5 The Broker

No Witnesses

The Broker in Rise of the Ronin

“The Broker” does not involve any main characters besides the player-created one. A mysterious stranger will ask players to investigate corrupt officials, which will turn into a bloodbath even if players don’t intentionally kill anyone. After looking into a few cases, this stranger will task players with helping on one last mission.

It turns out to be a trap though, as this stranger tries to kill the player to bury evidence of any assassination plots. He, and his goons, will not be that hard to take down though, and the reward will be decent. The Flint-and-Steel Set is an accessory in Rise of the Ronin, and its stats will be randomized upon this quest’s completion.

4 When Clouds Of Vengeance Part

Retrieving A Precious Heirloom

Heirloom Armor Uncle in Rise of the Ronin

“When Clouds of Vengeance Part” will have the Uncle of a prestigious samurai family ask players to retrieve a lost treasure. The illustrious Heirloom Armor has been stolen by bandits, and he wants his nephew to wear it into battle while taking revenge.

The mission will involve a typical stealth takedown of a few groups around the area, all leading to a big boss fight. The reward will be the Heirloom Armor itself in four parts. In Rise of the Ronin, players can equip head, body, arm, and foot armor.

3 The Way Of The Warrior

Opening Up The Dojo

Genzui in Rise of the Ronin

“The Way of the Warrior” is a side mission that can lead to the recruitment of Genzui Kusaka. He’s worth getting as a playable character because he will reduce Ki consumption while activating weapon abilities. Ki is stamina in this game, and it will drain upon most actions during battle, from dodging around to attacking enemies.


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“The Way of the Warrior” is also a good side quest because it will unlock the Dojo. At the Dojo, players can spar with unlocked allies in Rise of the Ronin to get prizes and practice their various combat styles.

2 Scene Of The Crime

A Nice Change Of Pace

The Photographer in Rise of the Ronin

“Scene of the Crime” is actually one of four missions that players can tackle for Yokohama’s photographer. Once the camera is unlocked through Igashichi’s inventions, the photography studio will also unlock. Players can get more missions from him as the story goes on, but the first four are called “Scene of the Crime,” “Canine Catcher,” “A Chilling Site,” and “Camera Obscura.”

They all involve sneaking into situations to capture photos as evidence of everything from noble animals sleeping to crime syndicates doing shady dealings. They are a nice change of pace from the normal missions, although some of these can still lead to more samurai action.

1 A Last Request

Reunited And I Feel So Young

Risa in Rise of the Ronin

“A Last Request” might be the most heartfelt side quest in the early hours of the game. Players will run into a haggard-looking man down on his luck around the poorer districts of Yokohama. Instead of spare change, this man wants players to find his daughter, Risa, who he sold off to become a geisha a long time ago.

He doesn’t have long to live, and all he wants is a photo to see if she is still doing all right. The mission can end sweetly or darkly depending on how players approach it. Also, players will get two excellent rewards from it no matter what, including a rare Beckoning Cat accessory and a Foreign Book which unlocks inventions for Igashichi.

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