In Soulmask, players will need to adapt to survive in the wilderness around them by recruiting Tribe members, foraging materials from their environment, building shelter, and developing their base. As you and your Tribe members participate in various activities such as combat, foraging, and tending to the upkeep of your base campsite, you will be able to develop their proficiency in a certain skill.

For this reason, knowing which activities you will need to do to increase a certain proficiency will come in handy, as well as an explaination of what each proficiency is related to. Everything that players will need to know regarding these matters has been outlined in the guide below.


Soulmask: What to Do With Sunstones

In Soulmask, Sunstones one of many different items that can be obtained during your survival journey, so knowing what to do with them is important.

All Proficiencies & What They Do in Soulmask

buildings required for rubber in soulmask



How to Increase

What it Does


Production Crafting

Chop down trees

  • Increase Logging speed
  • Increase Logging output
  • Decrease Logging tool durability cost
  • Decrease Logging stamina cost


Production Crafting

Mine ores

  • Increase Mining speed
  • Increase Mining output
  • Decrease Mining tool durability cost
  • Decrease Mining stamina cost


Production Crafting

Collect wild plants

  • Increase Harvesting speed
  • Increase Harvesting output
  • Decrease Harvesting tool durability cost
  • Decrease Harvesting stamina cost


Production Crafting

Plant, harvest, and/or grow crops

  • Increase crop growth speed
  • Increase collecting output
  • Decrease crop fertilizer cost
  • Decrease crop water consumption


Production Crafting

Weave textiles and ropes

  • Increase Weaving speed
  • Increase Weaving output
  • Reduced material cost when weaving


Production Crafting

Make pottery

  • Increase pottery craft speed
  • Decrease pottery material cost

Wood & Stone

Production Crafting

Cut stone, process wooden items, or craft structures with stone or wood.

  • Reduced material cost
  • Increased crafting speed
  • Increased output


Production Crafting

Dissect animal carcasses, tan leather, process tanning materials

  • Increase tanning speed
  • Decrease tanning material cost


Production Crafting

Melt metals in a furnace

  • Increase smelting speed
  • Increase smelting output
  • Increase pottery firing speed
  • Increase pottery output


Production Crafting

Craft and uncraft tools

  • Increase tool crafting speed
  • Increase tool output
  • Decrease tool crafting material cost


Production Crafting

Craft medicine and mixtures

  • Increase alchemy production speed
  • Decrease alchemy material cost


Production Crafting

Process food

  • Increase Cooking speed
  • Increase Cooking output
  • Decrease cooking material cost

Weapon Crafting

Production Crafting

Craft weapons

  • Increase weapon crafting speed
  • Decrease weapon material costs
  • Increased weapon durability limit

Armor Crafting

Production Crafting

Craft armor

  • Increase armor crafting speed
  • Increase armor durability limit
  • Increase gear quality


Combat Skill

Deal damage with a spear

  • Increase spear damage
  • Increase spear attack speed
  • Decrease spear stamina cost


Combat Skill

Defend with a shield

  • Increase damage when defending with a shield
  • Decrease stamina reduction when defending with a shield


Combat Skill

Deal damage with a blade

  • Increase blade damage
  • Increase blade attack speed
  • Decrease blade stamina cost


Combat Skill

Deal damage with a bow

  • Increase bow damage
  • Increase bow attack speed
  • Decrease bow stamina cost


Combat Skill

Deal damage with a dual-blade

  • Increase dual-blade damage
  • Increase dual-blade attack speed
  • Decrease dual-blade stamina cost


Combat Skill

Deal damage with gauntlets

  • Increase gauntlets damage
  • Increase gauntlets attack speed
  • Decrease gauntlets stamina cost


Combat Skill

Deal damage with a hammer

  • Increase hammer damage
  • Increase hammer attack speed
  • Decrease hammer stamina cost

Great Sword

Combat Skill

Deal damage with a great sword

  • Increase great sword damage
  • Increase great sword attack speed
  • Decrease great sword stamina cost

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