• Stardew Valley players are discovering new features like stacking furniture, adding to the game’s charm and replayability.
  • Decorating options in Stardew Valley have expanded with updates, allowing players to customize their homes and properties in unique ways.
  • Fans have embraced the game’s decorative features, creating custom cafes and spas, with mods offering even more possibilities for creativity.

A Stardew Valley player has noticed something strange about the furniture in the game: it can be stacked. This odd Stardew Valley finding was realized when a player ended up accidentally putting two tables on top of each other, and the reveal has puzzled some fellow fans.

Stardew Valley players are continuing to discover new elements of the game, whether they were added in the recent 1.6 update or have been there all along. Some of the oddest discoveries in Stardew Valley have been glitches, but in other cases, they’re intentional features that have just gone unnoticed by the majority of players.



Indie Games That Became Major Success Stories

Though most only see a modest amount of success, some indie games have etched their way into video game history by becoming must-have titles.

A fan of the game, nishinoyu, shared a post with the community after accidentally setting two tables on top of each other in their Stardew Valley farmhouse. According to nishinoyu, they were trying to set the two tables side-by-side, and ended up with the short stack of tables instead. The amusing sight confused some fans, while others tried to determine the reasoning behind it.

One fan suggested that this may tie into the game’s ability to place objects on top of other objects. For example, after setting down a table in the player’s home, fans can put small objects on it to decorate it further. However, it likely wasn’t intended for the farmer to put more than one of the same item on top of each other like this. Another fan made an observation of a similarly silly function, in that they displayed a sign on another sign.

Decoration in Stardew Valley

While Stardew Valley’s decorative features aren’t the primary focus of the game, it’s still something a lot of fans spend time on. As Stardew Valley has released more updates, there have been more furniture and decoration options added to the game. Some of these require attending special events, like the Stardew Valley Night Market, which is only held for a few nights of every year. However, the addition of multiple furnishing and decorative catalogs also give players a way to easily add a wide variety of items to their homes or farm property without having to go anywhere.

Stardew Valley fans have taken the decorative options available to them and run with it, creating everything from custom cafes to unique spas within sheds on their property. If Stardew Valley receives more updates in the future, the possibilities could expand even further. In the meantime, Stardew Valley mods also present opportunities to make homes look better than ever.

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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a hit Indie release that spawned a cult following thanks to its similarities to titles like Harvest Moon and The Sims. Players will take control of their own characters as they are dropped into the eponymous Stardew Valley and given an old dilapidated farm. They’ll cultivate new crops and relationships with the NPCs scattered around the area, as well as combat monsters and embark on other quests.

February 26, 2016


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