In Palworld‘s early game, a quick way to build experience is to catch ten of every Pal roaming each region. With the built-in experience bonus, the ability to level up multiple times quickly is essential to unlocking new weapons, armor, and structures to build a stronger base.

Neutral-type Pals are among the most common element of Pals in Palworld. Upon first entering the beginning stage of Palworld, Neutral-type Pals like Lamball, Chikipi, and Cattiva are common enough to achieve the stackable experience bonus. They don’t put up much of a fight either. A total of 21 Neutral Pals can be discovered throughout the game. Some can serve back at the base for their work suitability, while others are mountable Pals that are willing to help discover new areas on the map. With 22 Neutral-type attacks in Palworld, some of these moves stand out above the others.


Palworld: Best Grass Active Skills (& The Pals That Have Them)

Grass moves can make life easy in Palworld, thanks to their binding abilities. Here is a list of the strongest moves, and the Pals that can use them.

With such an extensive list of moves, honorable mentions go out to the following exclusive Neutral attacks:

1. Antler Uppercut (Eikthyrdeer, Eikthyrdeer Terra)

2. Reckless Charge (Rushoar)

10 Cat Press

60 Power; 9-Second Cast Time

Palworld player with their pet Grintale

Grintale’s exclusive move, Cat Press, is sure to leave a mark and send a shiver down the spine of anything it hits. Grintale’s sinister smile comes into play, as it grins with malicious intention before launching itself into the air and using its body to smash into an enemy. With a charge time of nine seconds, it’s certain to be used multiple times during a battle.

Grintale can be found in the area at the center of the Palworld map and near the Marsh Island Church Ruins. Alternatively, they can be hatched from Large Common Eggs.

9 Tornado Attack

65 Power; 13-Second Cast Time

Nitewing from Palworld

Exclusive to Nitewing, Tornado Attack hits a target in two ways. First, Nitewing builds up a tornado and launches it at its enemy before hurling head on to cause additional damage. The two-hit attack can wipe out multiple enemies at once, and it can also create some space between Nitewing and the target. With a charge time of 13 seconds, this is the perfect secondary move to keep on Nitewing’s list.

Nitewing can be found in the first few areas of Palworld, and is typically flying in the air. To draw its attention, have a Pal launch an attack, or use a bow and arrow to initiate combat.

8 Muscle Slam

80 Power; 12-Second Cast Time

Broncherry in Palworld
Broncherry in Palworld.

Muscle Slam is an exclusive move for Broncherry and Broncherry Aqua, carrying a heavy 80-based power and a charge time of 12 seconds. The move not only packs some damage, but it also propels the enemy into the air, giving it the potential to cause some extra fall damage if their descent is far enough. Paired with Wind Cutter or Sand Blast, this move could have Broncherry attacking without much delay.


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Broncherry is also extremely useful outside of battle, thanks to its Level 3 Planting work suitability, and its Overaffectionate partner skill, which allows players to mount it and provide additional weight support to carry more items.

7 Ground Pound

85 Power; 14-Second Cast Time


Gorirat is a primal Pal with an aggressive attitude. Its exclusive move, Ground Pound, is a perfect display of how dangerous it can be. This move sees Gorirat slamming the ground with its hands before leaping into the air and delivering a devastating punch. Gorirat are extremely volatile and will attack anyone that comes too close. They travel in duos, which means taking on both at the same time. Ground Pound takes 14 seconds to charge, and carries an 85-based power.

Gorirat are available in the wild and by Large Common Egg. They carry many useful work suitability traits, such as Handiwork (Level 1), Lumbering (Level 2), and Transporting (Level 3).

6 Cloud Tempest

90 Power; 15-Second Cast Time

Fenglope from Palworld-1

Fenglope is an endangered species of Pal, thanks to its majestic fur and beautiful horns. Thankfully, it possesses an active skill that could keep it from going extinct. The exclusive Cloud Tempest allows Fenglope to charge directly at the enemy, creating a pressurized wind tunnel. This 90-based power takes 15 seconds to charge, and can be used for both offense and an escape route, in case the danger becomes too much to handle.

Apart from its Neutral type, Fenglope can also learn a variety of Water and Ice moves. Its partner skill, Wind and Clouds, allows the player to mount it and take full advantage of Fenglope’s ability to double jump in the air.

5 Kingly Slam

100 Power; 21-Second Cast Time

Kingpaca from Palworld

The first thing players will notice about Kingpaca is its sheer size, which the exclusive move, Kingly Slam, will utilize to its fullest potential. Kingly Slam is a 100-based power attack with a charge time of 21 seconds. Kingpaca leaps high into the air, before hurtling down towards the enemy foe. Its sheer size causes massive damage, making threats think twice about taking on this gargantuan Pal.


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Kingpaca has tremendous HP and can be found either on the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary island, or as an Alpha Boss northwest of the Small Settlement fast travel waypoint. Alternatively, players can either breed for a Kingpaca or buy one from the Black Marketeer, provided he has one for sale.

4 Spear Thrust

120 Power; 40-Second Cast Time

Necromus and Paladius from Palworld

Armed with a bow and a lance, Paladius is one of the more intimidating Pals in Palworld. With its exclusive move, Spear Thrust, Paladius charges itself with holy power and charges directly at the enemy foe, using its spear to expend the energy. It takes 40 seconds to charge, which means Paladius should also have a fast move to apply additional damage in between Spear Thrusts. But the power of this move alone is undeniable.

Paladius can be found northwest of the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel waypoint (follow the coordinates of 446, 681), and serves as a Legendary Alpha Boss at level 50. Taking it down will be no easy task, but it’s worth the risk, as Paladius cannot be bred or hatched from an egg.

3 Pal Blast

150 Power; 55-Second Cast Time

Palworld player with their Sweepa

Sometimes, a simple blast of energy is the most convenient way of taking out a threat. Pal Blast is a 150-based power attack that can wipe out anything in its path, but carries a charge time of 55 seconds. While it’s not an exclusive move, it can only be learned naturally by three Pals. Thankfully, it can be acquired by either eating a Skill Fruit or by breeding with a parent that can learn the move. These three Pals will learn the move without additional support:

While Paladius can only be encountered through its Alpha Boss stage, both Sweepa and Elphidran are commonly found in the wild and through other means, such as dungeons and the Black Marketeer.

2 Bee Quiet

200 Power; 55-Second Cast Time

Palworld_Beegarde 1

Bee Quiet is exclusive to Beegarde. While it hits for tremendous power at 200, it comes with its downside. Bee Quiet sends Beegarde towards an enemy, and it explodes once it reaches the intended target. The move causes catastrophic damage, but knocks out the Beegarde at the same time. In the wild, all Beegardes use this move to protect Elizabee, and the Paldeck entry states that it is seen as an honor to fall in battle using this move.

As one can expect, encountering Beegarde in the wild will need some preparation, as several of these Pals will be protecting one Elizabee. If they all use Bee Quiet on the player, it may take them out.

1 Megaton Implode

255 Power; 55-Second Cast Time


Megaton Implode is exclusive to Tocotoco and causes this Neutral Pal to risk its life to cause massive chaos. Players may have flashbacks of several Tocotoco storming a base, using this move to destroy structures and take out working Pals. Megaton Implode packs a heavier 255-based power with the same charge time as Bee Quiet, making it the strongest Neutral-type move in Palworld.

Tocotoco can be found in the sandy dunes of deserts, but players should keep a distance, as these Pals roam in groups of three or more. Attacking from a distance to catch them is the best strategy, as being attacked by Megaton Implode is a recipe for disaster.


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