The Joker has arrived at Metropolis in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and he’s bringing even more mayhem to help the squad deal with Brainiac’s continuing invasion. With Joker featuring as the newest member of Task Force X in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, it’s no surprise that returning players, or even new ones, will find some layers of challenge in his playstyle, both in terms of traversal and combat potential.


Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League – How To Unlock The Joker

The Joker brings some mayhem to Metropolis in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, but how exactly can players grab this clown?

The Joker is definitely one of the more unique squad members, not just from the fact he’s from an Elseworld, or that he’s criminally insane, but from the fact that his gameplay feels like a mixed concoction of Fortnite‘s glider, Tony Hawk Pro Skater‘s skateboard, and even Batman: Arkham Knight‘s gliding. Luckily, players can find the best Joker build in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League below, as well as some tips to traverse as the Clown Prince of Crime like an expert.

Joker’s Movement Abilities

joker with his rocket umbrella

The Joker brings a rocket-powered umbrella to his wacky arsenal, and players will use this in order to traverse around Metropolis at high speeds and great heights. Joker is unlike most traversal abilities, and players can easily find themselves shooting off into the air like a rocket, and speeding through the air on an umbrella glider that’s just waiting to fall. Joker’s traversal is comprised of three elements, a rocket boost, a surfboard, and a glider. Here’s a look at how each of those works:

Rocket Boost: Clicking L1+X (LB+A) at the same time, will see Joker launch himself into the air. This is his boost traversal move, and he can use it twice before he needs to land and reset his traversal abilities. It’s great for getting high in the air and assessing the situation from below, or simply great for admiring the view and soaring through the air.

Umbrella Surfboard: Holding R1 + X (RB + A), Joker players will stand on their umbrellas and ride them through the air. Using the left stick, they can pull it down to go up and push it up to go down, much like how Batman’s gliding works in Arkham Knight. This is a fast way to keep moving in the air, but it consumes the movement meter, which is reset slightly upon a Rocket Boost usage, or reset fully when landing on the ground. This move can also be used on the ground, although players will move slower, they can knock over enemies with it and it does not consume the movement meter.

Umbrella Glider: Holding R1 (LB) whilst in the air will allow players to glide at a rather slow pace, best used for when they have run out of the movement meter and need to edge a few more inches to the next building. Alternatively, it can be used to keep Joker in the air whilst he glides around firing his weapons if players hold L2 (LT) to aim.

Wall Running: Like most characters, Joker can run up walls with L1 (LB) but he can run up walls even faster by spamming L1 + X (LB + A) which will see Joker propel himself with a rocket boost, consuming no stamina until he reaches the top.

Joker’s Combat Abilities

joker fighting brainiac enemy

For Joker players, they are allowed to bring in Shotguns, Assault Rifles, and Pistols, but their real gameplay abilities lie within their Traversal Attacks and Suicide Strikes, which unleash a flurry of destructive mayhem that perfectly fits the Joker’s wildcard personality. The video below showcases how his traversal can affect his combat, and showcases both his Suicide Strike and his Razzle Dazzle Traversal Attack:

Suicide Strike: Clicking Square + X (X + A) will have Joker put his flail to use as he singles out a target to execute, once players have built enough Suicide Strike resources. Additionally, this attack will spawn 2 additional Grenade Ammo if the targeted enemy dies from the Suicide Strike.

Razzle Dazzle Traversal Attack: Clicking L1 + R1 (LB + RB) will see the Joker gain some air as he unleashes explosives below him, covering a fairly large radius, and dealing a decent amount of damage. This is unlocked as the default skill from the third Talents tree, All Aflutter, and it’s best used when in the air to drop grenades on unsuspecting foes.

Best Loadout For Joker

joker with a gun

Whilst guns are an important tool to any Task Force X member’s arsenal, Joker really excels at grenades thanks to his Talents, so players are going to want to make sure they’re using the best grenades, as well as a few weapons that allow for a freestyle of play, like the decent range of an Assault Rifle, and the up-close chaos of a Shotgun. Since Joker has just released, here are some efficient weapons and gear used so far thanks to the Finite Crisis set released before Episode 1: Fear:

Firearm 1 (Assault Rifle)

Master The Ringleader (Tier 2 Bane’s Wrath)

Firearm 2 (Shotgun)

Master No Holds Barred (Tier 2 Bane’s Wrath)


Grand Entrance


Master Pena Dura Cocktail (Tier 2 Bane’s Wrath)

Shield Mod

Unstoppable (Tier 3 Bane’s Fury)

Traversal Mod

Pay It Forward

Neck Bomb Mod

Titan Tolerance (Tier 3 Bane’s Fury)

Lucky Charm

Little Osito (Tier 3 Bane’s Fury)

Best Talents For Joker

joker talents menu

Joker excels in grand combat and other carnage-based attacks, so the following Talents utilize Joker’s skills as a fighter who isn’t afraid to get close in the action with critical hits with a shotgun and plenty of capable throws from devastating grenades. These are the skills that this Joker build went for in each Talent tree:

The Inexhaustible Clown

Last Laugh

All Aflutter


I’ll Take It From Here

Classic Midsection

Bring Down The House

Suicide Strike

High Crimes

Rigged Shell Game


In-Flight Entertainment

It’s A Twoffer

Twist The Knife

Dramatic Irony

Ace Up The Sleeve

Hot Ticket

The Setup

Joke’s On You!

Solid Framing

In The Round

Target Audience

Stage Presence



Treading The Boards

Ring Of Fire

Sotto Voice

Pocket Rocket

Squad Ultimate

Top Banana


Ultimate Opening Gag

Whilst this is one of the best Joker builds in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, by no means does that mean it should discourage players from trying out their own builds to see what compliments their playstyles. With different characters, weapons, and gear, everyone can play it their own way.

How Does Joker Play?

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Elseworld Joker

Joker plays great compared to other characters in the game, and his movement style and combat abilities really make him one of the best characters out there, especially to those who love the fast-paced combat and grenade spam to dominate over their enemies. The glider also helps players to catch a breather, and to deal damage from afar, allowing for a versatile style of play when it comes to the Joker. He’s perfect for close-range and medium-range players alike.


Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League
February 2, 2024


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