Baldur’s Gate 3 continues the legacy of the classic series while still very much doing its own thing. You can even find some returning characters and areas alongside the Dungeons & Dragons-inspired gameplay. Act 3 is the final chapter of Baldur’s Gate 3, and it brings your adventuring party to the game’s namesake city.

The Water Queen’s House is one of the oldest buildings in the city as it goes back to the first game in the series. The Waveservants that reside here worship Umberlee. They need your help in solving the death of one of their sisters. Below the Water Queen’s House is their private cellar. Here is how you can get into the Water Queen’s Cellar and how it affects your relationship with them.


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Water Queen’s Cellar Location


The Water Queen’s House is in the southern part of the Lower City. Look for this temple to the left of the Grey Harbor.

The passageway under the Water Queen's House

Walk through the temple and out the other side to the small beach area. There is a group of fishermen arguing there. Continue past them and down into the water towards the mouth of a cave. This passageway is located at coordinates (X-255,Y-266.)

Deal with the Waveservants


Entering the cellar is considered trespassing, meaning the Waveservants will attack on sight. You can sneak past them, but only having one party member in this area can be difficult. The Waveservants can all summon Water Elementals. Killing the summoner will remove these elementals, so stay focused on the servants.

Loot the Treasure Crates


Open the gate past the servants once they are defeated. Redhammer will be in the small pool of water ahead, provided you gave him over after the Iron Throne quest. The large pile of treasure crates should catch your eye. Loot them for some gold and valuables.


Looting these treasure crates will start a fight. Untaken Fitzy Relma and a group of Sahuagin will attack your party. Relma will cover the whole area in water and then freeze the ground under you if given the chance. Focus on defeating her first. Make sure to loot all the Sahuagin as they carry valuable gold and silver trinkets.

Sandstone Wall


After the fight is over, inspect the wall to the left of the pool of water. It will be revealed to be a secret wall. It’s weak to Force attacks, so use Magic Missile or Eldritch Blast to bring it down. There is another chest loaded with valuables behind it.

Consequences of Stealing From the Cellar


Stealing from the cellar will cause you to no longer receive the Blessing buff after making offerings to Umberlee. However, the Waveservants in the Water Queen’s House will not be hostile to you and remain unaware of your crimes against them.


Baldur’s Gate 3
Baldur’s Gate

August 3, 2023

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