Players can earn XP in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in many ways, including killing enemies, completing missions and contracts, and more. As fans accumulate that XP, the levels of their characters will increase, and they may eventually begin to have questions about exactly how high they can go. This guide is here to answer those questions and provide full details on the max level in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League: Max Level Explained

To put things simply, players can take all four characters in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League to Level 30, and that could be considered the game’s maximum level. Indeed, it is at that level that a character will have access to the entirety of their three talent trees, and fans will not be able to pick up any additional character-specific skills beyond that point.


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That is not the end of the road for XP-based progression, though, as max level characters still earn XP and fill XP bars. However, players do not receive a new character-specific talent point every time that a bar is filled, and they are instead awarded a Squad Skills point.

For the uninitiated, Squad Skills are general buffs that are applied to all characters, and they can be accessed via the Talents menu once any character reaches Level 30. Those buffs provide percentage-based increases to damage, ammo reserve capacity, and much more, and there are two particular Squad Skills that can be raised infinitely. As such, there is effectively no end to XP-based progression, as Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League players will never stop earning Squad Skill points, nor will they ever run out of skills upon which they can spend them.

suicide squad ktjl max level

To note, players will not be able to put points towards every Squad Skill as soon as they get their first character to Level 30. Indeed, the Squad Skills to which a fan has access are determined by the cumulative level of all of their characters. This is made quite clear by the in-game Squad Skills menu, and Suicide Squad fans who spend some time looking at it will realize that they must get all four characters to Level 30 if they hope to invest in all the skills.

Fortunately, players will earn an achievement in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League every time that they get a character to max level. This means that unlocking Squad Skills is not the only reason to level up characters, and that added incentive may encourage fans to take on this endeavor.


Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League
February 2, 2024


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