Potential spoilers ahead for Marvel’s Wolverine.

Marvel’s Wolverine is shaping up to be an ideal take on “the best at what he does.” Not only is the game being developed by Insomniac Games, a studio that has done tremendous work with Spider-Man’s corner of the Marvel universe, but thanks to a massive leak from 2023 fans know that the game will be meeting several expectations. Violent takedown animations, Berserker Rage reminiscent of Kratos’ own overpowered rage mode in God of War, and fun traversal that suits Wolverine all look like they will be highlights, as does the cast.

As great as it is to know that Logan will be taking and dishing out some serious damage within Madripoor, Japan, and Alaska, it is even more exciting to see that Insomniac is planning to deliver a story full of big-name Mutants. Instead of taking it slow and only featuring a few characters that fans will be familiar with, the cast is truly stacked, and fans have already been quick to focus on the biggest names. However, there is one character that could end up stealing the show if a certain storyline is adapted, and that is Mystique.


Insomniac’s X-Men Game Can Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Aside from being a high-quality game based on Marvel’s beloved roster of Mutants, Insomniac’s X-Men project can accomplish two other goals.

Marvel’s Wolverine’s Leaked Cast is Full of Fan Favorites

Marvels Wolverine Character Cameos Sabretooth

Within Marvel’s Wolverine, players are set to see a number of fan favorites featured in the roles of allies and enemies. Some of the standout names include:

  • Jean Grey
  • Mr. Sinister
  • Omega Red
  • Sabretooth
  • Callisto

Of this lineup, only Callisto is not a household name, though acclaimed actor Debra Wilson portraying her indicates that Insomniac Games may have big plans for the leader of the Morlocks, which is a group of Mutants that are hated even more because their abilities cannot be masked, and they cannot pass as human. Troy Baker portraying Mr. Sinister indicates that he could also have a big role, potentially as the main villain, whereas Sabretooth could harass Logan throughout the entire game like he so often does in other media. Omega Red could make for a standout boss, while fans know that Jean Grey will be a second playable character, and potentially even a love interest. However, despite the presence of so many big characters, Mystique’s potential role could make her a showstealer.

Unfortunately, it seems like Insomniac does not have the rights to use Deadpool within its X-Men video game franchise. As such, players will have to look to the comics and the upcoming Deadpool 3 film to get a taste of some interactions between Weapon X and the Merc With a Mouth.

Why Mystique Could Be Marvel’s Wolverine’s Best Supporting Character

Mystique standing next to a tree in sunlight

Everything about the story of Marvel’s Wolverine is purely speculation at this point, as though some larger plot points have leaked, the story could still change in some big ways. Still, it would be nice to see the Jason Aaron storyline Get Mystique adapted within the Insomniac title. Essentially, the story sees Logan hunting down Mystique to kill her in the modern day after she has gone too far, with looks at a decades-old relationship between the two coming between their brutal fights in the present. During that time, Logan and Mystique were a successful pair of criminals, though eventually their partnership fell apart.

Seeing more of Logan’s past is always interesting, as he has lived for nearly 200 years, and it would be fun for Insomniac Games to capitalize on that. From a gameplay standpoint, going back to the wild west or early 1900s to play through some of Wolverine’s heists with Mystique could prove to be extremely fun, as it would be an entirely new setting and dynamic that feels more like Red Dead Redemption than a superhero game. From a narrative perspective, Insomniac could surely have a lot of fun writing Raven and Logan’s relationship, with witty dialogue contrasted by the serious moments where they betray one another. Get Mystique did an excellent job of making both Logan and Raven more complex, as it highlighted how similar and different the two Mutants are. A game could do the exact same thing, bringing a classic story to a larger audience.



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