Street Fighter 6 reinvigorated the series with a strong launch that made up for the controversial beginning of its predecessor in the eyes of many players, and it has continued its run with the consistent release of post-game content since. Costumes for both fighters and Battle Hub avatars have made up the bulk of DLC offerings, but Street Fighter 6‘s DLC characters are set to remain the game’s biggest draw for what could be years to come. As the impending release of Akuma will mark the end of Season 1, players have now shifted their attention to speculating about what the next could look like.

Rashid and Ed have been enjoyable for many who appreciate their continuation of some of SF5‘s best elements, but Street Fighter 6‘s Akuma is now set to spark far more hype than the newcomer A.K.I. was able to drum up. With rumors of an updated edition of the game potentially on the way, many players are excited for the chance to see highly requested balancing changes alongside beloved returning characters.


Street Fighter 6 Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Jump On One Fighting Game Trend

After years of holding out, Street Fighter 6 has the chance to finally take advantage of one of modern fighting games’ most popular concepts.

Season 2 and Akuma’s Upcoming Changes


Akuma appeared as an early DLC character in Street Fighter 5 who helped that game pick up steam, and he’s now going to appear as an even further progression of that new iteration. Older and more imposing than ever, this Akuma could bring more equally fierce or controlled energy into his fighting style that sets the tone for the game moving forward when he arrives.

Capcom Likely Understands Player Reception to Season 1

The power of SF6‘s Drive Rush and Perfect Parry in terms of the advantage they can grant players has made them a popular topic of community feedback towards Capcom, as they have become the defining mechanics of the entire competitive experience in the eyes of many players. Toning down Drive Rush and Perfect Parry by making them more punishable, making Drive Reversal more effective by reducing its start-up, and bringing some more balance to the overall roster to circumvent the dominance of characters like Luke are all changes that players have been requesting for months.It’s possible fans see some of this come Season 2.

Season 2 DLC Character Predictions and the Possibility of Super Street Fighter 6

Person in a hoodie running through Metro City

Older unconfirmed rumors from before the game’s initial launch have indicated that there could be updated editions in the form of a Super Street Fighter 6 and beyond, and some players have begun to express that the current climate may be a good time for this. New content for World Tour mode that provides more incentive to play this single-player content by tying it into the series narrative could go a long way in retaining interest, and there are several characters like Cody with strong ties to SF6 and Final Fight‘s Metro City who have yet to appear. Considering fan requests, relevancy to the setting, and the roles already filled by the current fighters, these characters have a good chance of showing up in Season 2:

  • Sagat
  • Balrog
  • Fei Long
  • Dan
  • Dudley
  • Yun/Yang
  • Makoto
  • Hugo
  • Q
  • C. Viper
  • Decapre
  • Menat
  • G
  • Cody
  • Maki
  • Guest Character

An Updated Edition Could Allow for More than Four Characters Per Season

There has been some discontent over the prevalence of Battle Hub avatar costumes versus the comparatively fewer offerings for actual fighters, but another area that Capcom could address is the reduced scale of Street Fighter 6’s Season 1. SF5 normalized featuring 6 new characters in a single seasonal pass, and perhaps the impact of a package as substantial as something like Super Street Fighter 6 for Season 2 could warrant additions to the roster and single-player content which go further than just DLC.


Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is a fighting game developed and published by Capcom. The title combines three modes including Fighting Ground, which features local and online versus battles as well as Arcade and Training. World Tour is a single player story mode that uses a player created avatar, and Battle Hub is an online social space where players can meet, interact, and battle each other in matches or arcade cabinets. Capcom has also updated the fighting mechanics by adding a Drive Gauge system to encourage more creativity during matches. 

June 2, 2023


Online Multiplayer , Local Multiplayer

T For Teen Due To Mild Blood, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence


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