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Rogues in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery may not have everything in their toolkit at Level 25, but in later phases, the class is sure to turn into a powerhouse. But despite historically being a DPS-only class across all three specs, Rogues (along with Warlocks and Mages) are getting brand-new dungeon and raid “specs” in SoD, in this case, the role of the Tank.


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Though many of these WoW Rogue Runes have been officially revealed, some have only been revealed by datamining, and may change with the release of the Season of Discovery. Because only one Rune can be equipped to each slot, each section below ranks Rogue Runes against other Runes within the same gear category.

After launch, this guide to the best WoW SoD Rogue Runes will be updated with methods to Discover every Rogue Rune in the Chest, Legs, and Gloves slots. Later in the season, check back for information on the best Rogue Runes for other equipment slots when the ​​​​​​40, 50, and 60 level brackets unlock in later Phases.

Rogue Chest Runes, Ranked

Deadly Brew, Just A Flesh Wound, Quick Draw, & Slaughter From The Shadows

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery WoW SoD Rogue Rune Engravings Runes Ranked Chest Icons

Each of the three gear slots available for Rune Engraving in Phase One of the Season of Discovery gives Rogues new Tanking tools. On the Chest Slot Rogues get Just A Flesh Wound, a nearly all-in-one Tanking overhaul for the class. This single ability increases Threat generation, reduces enemy Crit Chance and Physical damage, and gives Rogues a direct Taunt. For those planning to try out this new playstyle, Just A Flesh Wound is a necessary Rune to pick up ASAP.

But Rogues get lots of other fun things to play with in their traditional DPS role. Slaughter from the Shadows, though weak, gives Rogues a stronger opening when using Backstab and Ambush, as it can more easily be followed with other abilities. Deadly Brew is great for Assassination Rogues as it lets them apply Deadly Poison with any other Poison. Quick Draw will be useful for all specs as it’s a reliable way to reduce enemy movement speed (in addition to Gouge), and gives Rogues a reason to pick up ranged weapons like Crossbows and Guns.

Slaughter From The Shadows

  • Slaughter From The Shadows Effect: Reduces the Energy cost of your Backstab and Ambush abilities by 20.
  • Discovery Source: TBD

Deadly Brew

  • Deadly Brew Effect: When you inflict any other poison on a target, you also inflict Deadly Poison.
  • Discovery Source: TBD

Quick Draw

  • Quick Draw Effect: Draw your ranged weapon and fire a quick shot at an enemy, causing normal ranged weapon damage and reducing the target’s movement speed by 50% for 6 sec.
    • Awards 1 combo point.
    • Quick Draw benefits from all talents and effects that trigger from or modify Sinister Strike.
  • Discovery Source: TBD

Just A Flesh Wound

  • Just A Flesh Wound Effect: You take 20% reduced Physical damage while Blade Dance is active. Additionally;
    • The player gains a 6% reduced chance to be critically hit by melee attacks.
    • Threat generated by all actions is massively increased.
    • Feint is replaced with Tease, which Taunts the target to attack you.
  • Discovery Source: TBD

Rogue Legs Runes, Ranked

Between the Eyes, Blade Dance, & Envenom

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery WoW SoD Rogue Rune Engravings Runes Ranked Legs Icons

Rogues get just three Runes for their Legs slot, but these Rogue Runes are among the most impactful the class can choose from – they’re all finishers, after all. For Tank Rogues, the Legs Rune to pick up is Blade Dance. This synergizes directly with Just A Flesh Wound’s effects and increases Parry chance, further reducing damage taken. It’s not a bad skill to take while leveling up a damage-dealer, either.


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Envenom will be a go-to for Rogues who plan to use Poisons in the Season of Discovery, as it has the potential for immense Poison damage that stacks with Deadly Poison doses on the target. But Between the Eyes might be the most useful new Rogue Rune in the Legs Slot in general.

This finisher stuns targets for up to six seconds, based on the number of combo points spent, and can be used at a range. Though perhaps the most useful for Rogues out in the world, Between The Eyes shows its usefulness in PvP and PvE too, and is a great pick for damage or Tank players both.


  • Envenom Effect: Finishing move that deals instant poison damage based on your Deadly Poison doses on the target.
    • Following the Envenom attack you have a 75% increased frequency of applying Instant Poison for 1 sec plus an additional 1 sec per combo point.
    • One dose is activated per combo point.
  • Discovery Source: TBD

Blade Dance

  • Blade Dance Effect: Finishing move that increases your Parry chance. Lasts longer and grants more Parry chance per combo point.
  • Discovery Source: TBD

Between the Eyes

  • Between the Eyes Effect: Ranged Finishing move that causes damage per combo point, increased by Attack Power, and Stuns the target.
    • Cooldown shared with Kidney Shot.
  • Discovery Source: TBD

Rogue Gloves Runes, Ranked

Main Gauche, Mutilate, Saber Slash, Shadowstrike, & Shiv

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery WoW SoD Rogue Rune Engravings Runes Ranked Gloves Icons

Three of the five Gloves Runes Rogues have in SoD are, essentially, better versions of the Sinister Strike ability. Shiv, Saber Slash, and Main Gauche all generate Combo Points and benefit from buffs and talents that enhance Sinister Strike. Shiv is best used against poisoned targets in an Assassination build, Saber Slash suits the Combat Rogue, while Main Gauche will be Tank Rogues’ go-to Rune in the Gloves slot.

However, Assassination Rogues might want to pick up Mutilate instead of Shiv, as it generates two combo points and deals instant weapon damage – plus a little extra if the target is poisoned. Subtlety Rogues haven’t been forgotten in the SoD, either, as they can pick up the incredibly useful Shadowstrike skill. Shadowstrike is best used in PvP to take enemies unawares from a distance, but in PvE, it’s typically better to play in the open than in the shadows.

Of all the Gloves Runes Rogues can choose, Main Gauche is likely the best as it increases Rogues’ defensiveness, which can be great for non-Tank builds and Tanks alike. But ultimately, the best Gloves Rune for Rogues depends on one’s playstyle.


  • Shiv Effect: Instantly attack with your off-hand weapon with a 100% chance to apply the poison from your off-hand weapon to the target.
    • Slower weapons require more energy.
    • Awards 1 combo point.
  • Discovery Source: TBD


  • Mutilate Effect: Instantly attacks with both weapons for 100% weapon damage plus additional damage with each weapon.
    • Damage is increased by another 20% against Poisoned targets.
    • Awards 2 combo points.
  • Discovery Source: TBD

Saber Slash

  • Saber Slash Effect: Viciously slash an enemy for 130% weapon damage, and cause the target to bleed every 2 sec for 12 sec, stacking up to 3 times.
    • Awards 1 combo point.
    • Saber Slash benefits from all talents and effects that trigger from or modify Sinister Strike.
  • Discovery Source: TBD


  • Shadowstrike Effect: Teleport behind your target and strike, causing 150% weapon damage to the target. Must be stealthed.
  • Discovery Source: TBD

Main Gauche

  • Main Gauche Effect: Instantly strike with your off-hand weapon for normal off-hand weapon damage and increase your chance to parry by 10% for 10 sec.
    • Awards 1 combo point.
    • Main Gauche benefits from all talents and effects that trigger from or modify Sinister Strike.
  • Discovery Source: TBD

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