WWE 2K24 Superstars can hit finishers through the announcer’s table. For those looking to try this move out, this guide outlines how it can be set up.

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Wrestlers going through announce tables have been a spectacle for decades, and being able to recreate the iconic display in WWE 2K24 is a lot of fun. Wrestlers can perform these moves as part of a normal rules match or a no-disqualification match with no countouts, such as a Falls Count Anywhere match. However, your wrestler must have a stored finisher ready to get it to work.

WWE 2K24 has changed some mechanics from its predecessor. You can now use the announce table as a weapon, and opponents have a better chance of reversing the attacks and hitting their finisher.


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How To Do A Finisher Through The Announce Table In WWE 2K24

WWE 2K24 Undertaker Tombstoning Mankind through the announcer's desk

The setup for using a finisher on the announcer’s table in WWE 2K24 is a little different from what it was in the previous title. With the referee counting out both wrestlers in normal rules matches, it’s better to try and perform this move in a no DQ, Extreme Rules, or a Last Man Standing match to avoid the count. Use the following steps to perform the devastating finishing move in WWE 2K24:

  • Ensure your WWE wrestler has at least one stored finisher.
  • Throw the opponent outside.
  • Clear the announcer’s table with the L1/B button.
  • Grab them with the Circle/B button.
  • Press the L1/LB to walk them to the table to lean them automatically, or Irish Whip them into the table using the L stick + Circle/B button.
  • With the WWE superstar dazed and leaning against the table, move the R stick up to lift them onto it.
  • Press R1/RB to climb onto the table.
  • With both wrestlers standing on the table, press R2/RT+X/A to hit the finisher.

Wrestlers can now perform a variety of non-finishing moves and attacks on the table without breaking it.

How To Do A Diving Finisher Through The Announce Table In WWE 2K24

WWE 2K24 Shawn Michaels hitting the moonsault finisher

Some WWE wrestlers like Shawn Michaels have a flying attack as their finisher. To perform it, use the following steps:

  • Ensure your wrestler has a finisher stored.
  • Get the opponent to the outside of the ring.
  • Irish Whip with the Circle/B button or walk them to the announcer’s table with the L1/LB button.
  • Move the R stick upward to lay them flat on the announcer’s table.
  • Run back into the ring by holding L2/LT.
  • Climb the nearest turnbuckle holding L2/LT.
  • Press R2/RT+X/A to perform the diving finisher through the announcer’s table.

Announcer Table finishers can be assigned to all wrestlers by customizing their move set in
WWE 2K24.

That’s everything you need to know if you want to hit a finisher through the announcer’s desk, cause massive damage, and get a “this is awesome” chant from the fans in the arena.

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