• Farm Together 2 introduces new options like avatar extensive tractor customization.
  • The sequel aims to become one of the best cozy farming games by innovating over the original.
  • Improvements over the original game include more extensive body type options, the ability to place roads on hills, and simplified color variants.

Cozy farming game Farm Together 2 has revealed a bunch of new customization options and improvements over the original game, ahead of its release on Early Access later this year. The original Farm Together was quietly one of the most interesting indie games of 2018, and it’s finally getting a sequel.

Farm Together 2 was first announced last month, to the surprise of many fans of the original game. It has been six years since the original, so it may not have been surprising if developer Milkstone Studios had moved on to other projects. The announcement confirmed that in spring 2024, Farm Together 2 would enter Early Access on Steam, with a view to a later release on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo platforms. According to the developer, this Early Access period is looking to run for approximately six months to a year, giving players a chance to test out Farm Together 2 before it’s fully completed.



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In a post on Steam, developer Milkstone Studios gave an in-depth look into the customization and decoration features in Farm Together 2. The headline feature is avatar customization, which gives players more options than ever to change their appearance in-game. Clothing is unlocked through leveling up, with entire outfits able to be saved as presets to use later. Emotes are being added, as is extensive tractor customization. On top of this, players will be able to purchase decorative items with in-game cash to spruce up their farms with roads, fences, buildings, and even unique terrain types. With these new features, Farm Together 2 is aiming to become one of the best cozy games on the market.

New Customization Options in Farm Together 2

The details didn’t stop there, however. Milkstone Studios also detailed the specific improvements made over the original Farm Together to make the sequel one of the best farming games out there, and there’s a lot to unpack. Body type options are now more extensive and controlled by three sliders, making it possible for all clothing types to fit every character this time around. Roads can now be placed on hills and ramps independently, which, again, wasn’t possible in the first title. Finally, color variants in the in-game stores are now grouped with a single button, which makes it easier to navigate, as well as making it simpler for Milkstone Studios to add more variants down the line.

It isn’t long now until Farm Together 2 hits Early Access, and it’s exciting to get a glimpse into everything that Milkstone Studios has planned. With the sequel being bigger and better, it’s safe to assume there will be plenty of Farm Together beginners this time around. Hopefully, it lives up to expectations and finds a large audience, with the original game providing some of the most authentic farming gameplay to date.

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Farm Together
February 22, 2018

Milkstone Studios

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