• Tears of the Kingdom introduces new bosses that offer a mix of praise and frustration in their respective battles.
  • Some of the bosses are easier than others, with Moragia being the easiest, while others push players to give their all to win.
  • To defeat the bosses in Tears of the Kingdom, players must use the powers of the Sages’ respective Temples or rely on the Fuse ability to craft more powerful weapons.

Tears of the Kingdom packs more boss fights than Breath of the Wild, but are they challenging? In BotW, Link faced off against Ganon Blights and Calamity Ganon himself. That is not the case for its sequel.


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After playing Tears of the Kingdom, some BotW fans would argue that the Ganon Blights were repetitive even though defeating them required different strategies. While the fight between Ganondorf and Link in TotK was highly anticipated, some of the new bosses were met with praise and even frustration at their respective battles. The difficulty for TotK‘s bosses are up to debate, but it’s obviously that some are meant to be easier than others.

Updated on January 22, 2024 by Renri Seong: It’s arguable whether the Legend of Zelda gameplay in Tears of the Kingdom is more difficult than its predecessor. In Breath of the Wild, you could use the Sheikah Runes to assist with your fight against the Ganon Blights, but they weren’t a requirement to defeat them. In Tears of the Kingdom, you’re forced to use the Sages’ powers of their respective Temples (ex., Sidon for the Water Temple, Yunobo for the Fire Temple) to defeat the bosses. If you’re not using the Sages’ powers, then chances are you’ll have to rely on the Fuse ability to craft more powerful weapons that can dish out heavier damage. Despite this, there are some Tears of the Kingdom bosses that really push you to give it your all just to win. The following list has been updated to include a more-organized layout for battle strategies against each of the bosses in Tears of the Kingdom.

10 Moragia

Boss of Death Mountain Crater

loz totk moragia

As cool as Moragia may look, it’s also the easiest out of all the “Regional Phenomena” bosses. In fact, Moragia himself doesn’t fit the mold of a “traditional boss.” He’s more or less there for players to adjust to using Yunobo’s Ability.

When players approach Death Mountain with Yunobo, they’ll be treated to a cutscene of Moragia rising from Death Mountain Crater. Since Moragia is obviously too high up for Link to reach, players will need to use the nearby Zonai Plane. The plane is fixed with two batteries, which means even if players only have one bar of the Zonai Battery, Moragia can still be defeated.

How to Defeat Moragia

  • The boss fight is easy: Steer the plane towards Moragia and use A-button to fire Yunobo at one of the heads.
  • The biggest threat is the last head, which will start to spew meteors at Link and Yunobo. Even so, they’re easy to dodge, and taking a hit from one shouldn’t cause the plane to crash.
  • Each time a head is struck, Moragia loses a quarter of its HP.

9 Colgera

Scourge of the Wind Temple

loz totk colgera (1)-1

Tears of the Kingdom pushes its players to go to Rito Village first. This may be due to Tulin’s Ability, or it could be because of Wind Temple’s boss. Colgera is an icy, aerial version of a Molduga, and it’s a possible callback to the boss of the Wind Temple in Wind Waker. Out of all the Temple Bosses, Colgera is the easiest to beat despite its intimidating size.

How to Defeat Colgera (Phase 1)

  • Dive into the three rings that make up Colgera’s body.
  • A constant wind is blowing to keep Link in the air via paraglider, making it easier for him to fly high above Colgera and dive through a ring.
  • If by some chance you’re struggling with diving through the rings, you can instead float up under Colgera’s body and shoot arrows at its cores instead.


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How to Defeat Colgera (Phase 2)

  • Phase two of Colgera is a bit trickier as it’ll summon tornadoes that can toss Link around like a rag doll. However, the strategy to defeating him is the same as phase one.
  • Like Moragia, taking out one ring will deplete a quarter of Colgera’s HP, making it a swift boss fight once players get the hang of the strategy.

8 Master Kohga

Leader of the Yiga Clan

zelda totk master kohga of the yiga clan walkthrough

To some BotW players’ surprise, Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan makes his glorious return in Tears of the Kingdom. This time, he’s fought in The Depths. Players will meet him by going to the Great Abandoned Central Mine, which is also how they unlock the final ability for Rauru’s Hand: The Auto-Build Ability.

Link will fight Kohga a total of four times in TotK. He’ll flee to the Gerudo Mine, Lanayru Mine, and then the Hebra Mine after he’s been defeated at the Great Abandoned Central Mine. Still, as goofy as he may be, Kohga is still a threat if players aren’t careful. It may be best to gain some stamina wheels and Vows before fighting him.

How to Defeat Kohga (Great Abandoned Central Mine)

  • Kohga can easily steamroll Link if you’re not careful. Your best way to win this fight is make sure you have plenty of stamina (ex: a wheel and a half) and dodge Kohga when he charges at you.
  • Fortunately, the vehicle Kohga’s in is slow, and he drives in a circle. Sprint after him from behind, climb up the ramp, and hit him with a melee weapon.

How to Defeat Kohga (Gerudo Mine)

  • You’ll need to use the Zonai Springs lying around for this boss fight. Use the Ultrahand to flip them upright, then jump on them and hit them with the Y-button.
  • While Link is airborn, pull out your bow (ZR-button) and aim for Kohga’s head. When Kohga’s knocked down from the Zonai Plane, that’s your chance to attack.
  • Kohga will strike at you from above with Zonai Cannons, so wear sturdy armor and have some stamina wheels so you can sprint out of the way.

How to Defeat Kohga (Lanayru Mine)

  • Hop aboard the boat, and chase after Kohga. You’ll want to fire arrows at him from behind, but if you’re having trouble, you can take out his henchmen first.
  • Once you stun Kohga, jump on the raft he’s using, and hit him with a melee weapon. Once Kohga vanishes, use the boat he was using. It’s bigger than the small raft that Link has at the start of the boss fight.
  • It’s recommended (but not required) to have the Vow of Yunobo. This can allow you to send Yunobo’s Spirit flying across the lake and into Kohga.

How to Defeat Kohga (Hebra Mine)

  • In the final fight (Hebra Mine), you can use Recall to drop the mines he summons back on his head.
  • If you’d rather use Mineru’s Construct, you can battle him the same way you fought the Seized Construct in the Spirit Temple.

7 Marbled Gohma

Scourge of the Fire Temple

marbled gohma totk fire temple

The name “Gohma” is no doubt familiar to longtime fans of the Zelda franchise. Just like the Gohma in Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker, Marbled Gohma is what some fans refer to as an “eyeball boss.” completely covered in impenetrable rock, and hacking away at its body with a melee weapon will be futile. This is also the first Temple Boss Fight where players will absolutely need the respective Sage’s help (in this case, Yunobo).

How to Defeat Marbled Gohma (Phase 1)

  • Gohma can be slow moving, but it has a ground pound move that sends out a shockwave. It will also hurl detonating clumps of marbled rock that can either be Recalled or destroyed with Yunobo’s Ability.
  • You can also use Ascend to climb up onto Gohma’s head. However, the best way to beat this monster is to use Yunobo to take out its legs.
  • After two legs are destroyed, Gohma will be stunned. This is when Link needs to climb up near its eye and start attacking with a melee weapon.


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How to Defeat Marbled Gohma (Phase 2)

  • Once it reaches half health, Marbled Gohma will change up its strategy. It will trap Link in a wall of detonating marbled rock. To escape, use Recall on one of the rocks, or have Yunobo barrel into one.
  • Marbled Gohma will also crawl on the ceiling during this phase, and shooting its eye won’t casue it to fall down.
  • You will need to use Yunobo’s Ability to roll up the walls and into one of the legs. Once players get this strategy down pat, the rest is history.

6 Sludge Like

Ambusher of Mipha Court


Sludge Like is just like any other Like Like, only it spews sludge that significantly renders Link’s movement. Like Marbled Gohma and Moragia, players will need to rely heavily on Sidon’s Ability to defeat this monster. Another way to clean up the muck is to use a Splash Fruit.

Sludge Like can be a rude wake-up call to those who aren’t expecting it. This monster hits hard, and the only way to expose its core (and thereby damaging it) is to hit it with a blast of water. If Link gets stuck in the sludge, the Sludge Like won’t hesitate to attack.

How to Defeat Sludge Like

  • Stand near Sidon and press the A-button to activate his ability. Swing your melee weapon to send a wave of water into the Sludge Like. When its core is exposed, rush over and hit it as many times as you can.
  • If you find your path obscured by the sludge, you can use Sidon’s Ability to clear the way.
  • Splash Fruits are another option for battling the Sludge Like.

5 Mucktorok

Scourge of the Water Temple

loz totk mucktorok

Mucktorok may seem like a joke of a boss, but it’s quite fast and can make for a very frustrating battle. What makes Mucktorok potentially challenging are two things: Its speed (especially in phase 2), and Sidon’s AI. Players have expressed their shared annoyance at some of the Sages powers, and it definitely comes into play here when Link absolutely needs it.

How to Defeat Mucktorok (Phase 1)

  • It’ll start by hiding in sludge shaped like a shark and will zoom around the battlefield and attack Link and Sidon with waves of sludge.
  • Like the Sludge Like, players need to get rid of that muck first (ie: the sludge shark), so they can either use Sidon’s Ability or Splash Fruit.


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How to Defeat Mucktorok (Phase 2)

  • In Phase 2, the Mucktorok will start jumping around in the puddles of sludge to avoid Link. The best way to stop its movements is to stun it with an arrow, or try and clear up the sludge by attaching a Splash Fruit to an arrow.
  • If you have Zonai Springs, you can launch yourself into the air and draw your bow while airborn. This will slow down time and make it easier for you to aim and fire at Mucktorok while it’s leaping from sludge puddle to sludge puddle.

4 Phantom Ganon (Hyrule Castle)

The Demon King’s Phantom Saboteur

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

After completing all four temples, players can then go to Hyrule Castle to confront Ganondorf… or so it seems. What greets Link is a game of cat and mouse with “Zelda,” in which she summons hordes of monsters to fight Link any time he catches up to her. When at last Link finds her in the Sanctum, he’ll fight against Phantom Ganon instead of Ganondorf himself. Those that are used to fighting Gloom Spawn already know how to handle Phantom Ganon, and they’ll even have all four Sage Avatars to help. The real challenge comes in phase 2.

How to Defeat Phantom Ganon (Phase 2)

  • During phase 2, Link will have to fight five Phantom Ganons at once. Not only that, but one of the Phantoms will start to cover the entire room with gloom. If the Avatars get stuck in the gloom, they’ll become immobile.
  • The best way to stop the gloom spread is to climb up the stairs and jump down to enter bullet time. Fire arrows at the Phantom Ganon summoning the gloom, and that’ll stop it from spreading.
  • It’s also easier to try and defeat one Phantom Ganon at a time, as fighting all at once can be difficult and risky.

3 Queen Gibdo

Scourge of the Lightning Temple

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

If Mucktorok was a hassle, then Queen Gibdo is even worse. She may be fought before Phantom Ganon in Hyrule Castle, but she’s arguably one of the more challenging boss fights in TotK. Players will need to rely heavily on Riju’s Lightning for this boss fight, or they’ll need plenty of Shock Fruit or Yellow Chuchu Jelly. Queen Gibdo’s difficulty is because of everything that goes on in the boss fight. Phase 2 can get downright chaotic, especially if players are struggling with Riju’s AI.

How to Defeat Queen Gibdo (Phase 1)

  • Queen Gibdo needs to be struck with lightning before she can be damaged.
  • When its body is white, you will want to hurry over and get in as many melee attacks as possible. This will cause it to collapse to the ground, and it’ll become more vulnerable to melee weapons.


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How to Defeat Queen Gibdo (Phase 2)

  • Phase 2 is where it gets tricky. Queen Gibdo will awaken the four Gibdo nests surrounding the battlefield. She’ll also take to the air and spew acid at Link and Riju.
  • The best thing to do here is get rid of the Gibdo nests, but this is where players may have problems. You’ll want Riju’s Lightning Field to cover the entire nest before firing an arrow. What makes this worse is that Riju can be hit by one of the monsters or the queen herself, thus forcing players to repeat the process of charging the lightning.
  • Queen Gibdo will also kick up sandstorms with her wings much like Colgera could, and if Riju or Link gets hit, they’ll be thrown off their feet.

2 Seized Construct

Scourge of the Spirit Temple

loz totk seized construct scourge of the spirit temple

Seized Construct is the boss of the Spirit Temple, and players can’t defeat it unless they’re riding Mineru’s Construct. The route leading to the Spirit Temple allows players to fuse various Zonai Devices to the Construct, and this boss fight can be punishing for those that neglect to do so. Players are incapable of harming the Seized Construct unless they can knock it into the barbed wire surrounding the battlefield. What makes this one difficult is Mineru’s Construct’s slow speed. Fortunately, this is the only battle where players have to use the Construct to win.


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How to Defeat Seized Construct

  • In phase 2, Seized Construct will use Zonai devices to fly. It will then pelt Link with canon balls and whatever else it has fused to its arms.
  • You will want to have fused a Canon to Mineru’s Construct. This makes it easy to blast the Construct out of the air and follow up with a melee attack. If you do not have a canon or have something else equipped, then you’ll need to wait out the Seized Construct’s attacks until it lands.

1 Ganondorf

The Demon King

loz totk ganondorf demon king

Of course the Demon King himself would be the most difficult boss in TotK. He’s fought in three phases, but it’s the second phase that can give Link trouble. Phase 1 is similar to Phantom Ganon battles, and phase 3, while not easier, is not nearly as challenging as phase 2. Tears of the Kingdom really wanted Ganondorf to feel like a true final boss, and it’s safe to say that they succeeded.

How to Defeat Ganondorf (Phase 1)

  • Fortunately, Ganondorf’s phase 1 is similar to fighting the Phantom Ganons you’ve been dealing with up to this point. You can use Flurry Rush to try and hack away at his HP faster.

How to Defeat Ganondorf (Phase 2)

  • When Ganondorf’s HP is depleted in phase 1, he’ll tap into the power of Sonia’s secret stone and his health bar will literally stretch across the screen.
  • He’ll gain an increase in attack power and even summon Phantom Ganons to help him.
  • Hold down the fort long enough, and the five sages will come charging in to help. While they hold off the Phantom Ganons, Link can focus on the real Ganondorf.
  • At half HP in phase 2, Ganondorf will render the sages unconscious, leaving Link to fight him one on one.
  • Players that try to flurry rush Ganondorf in this stage are in for a rude surprise, as Ganondorf can counter Link’s flurry rush with his own. If this happens, trigger another flurry rush to counter him.
  • Also, while players may have stocked up on gloom-restoring food, Ganondorf’s “gloom” attacks will erase one of Link’s hearts permanently. It will “break” and disappear from his overall health.
  • Luckily, the gloom spheres can be deflected with a melee weapon (the Master Sword), but if players don’t figure this out soon, then they’re going to lose a chunk of hearts before the battle’s over.

How to Defeat Ganondorf (Phase 3)

  • Like Breath of the Wild, the phase 3 of the final boss fight feels less like a boss fight and more of a playable cutscene. You’ll be free-falling for the duration of this battle, but you’ll need to aim for the Gloom Eyes on Ganondorf’s back.
  • You can hold down the R-button to “speed up” Link’s fall. Also, if you get knocked out of the air, Zelda will be there to catch you before you hit the ground, so don’t worry about fall damage.
  • If you stay on Ganondorf’s gloom-infested body for too long, you’ll permanently lose hearts, so don’t over stay your welcome.
  • Once you’ve cleared away the Gloom Eyes, you can go for the secret stone in Ganondorf’s forehead. Smash it up enough, and you’ll eventually get a “cutscene” where you deliver the final blow by pressing the appropriate button.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
May 12, 2023




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