• ASUS and MSI have extended the warranties on their OLED monitors by 2 to 3 years, addressing the concerns of burn-in issues.
  • The warranties apply to all of their OLED monitors, including the latest models, ensuring customer confidence in purchasing from these brands.
  • Monitors are a significant part of both companies’ product offerings, and these warranty extensions aim to strengthen trust in their monitor products.

Tech manufacturers ASUS and MSI have both announced an extension of two to three years on OLED monitors in response to issues regarding burn-in. ASUS and MSI are both big names in technology and gaming and well-known for producing lots of quality products, from laptops to GPUs and even phones. Among their various offerings are some quality PC monitors.

ASUS and MSI selections are both among the best monitor deals for January 2024, and many of their monitors are specifically OLED designs. OLED screens have become popular for use in gaming monitors and handheld device screens in recent years for a number of reasons, including their great picture and lower cost compared to traditional LED screens. On the other hand, OLED screens have also become known for certain unfortunate drawbacks. Among these downsides are a generally shorter lifespan and the increased risk of burn-in, a phenomenon that leaves a ghost-image on screens over time.


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In response to these issues, both ASUS and MSI have announced extensions of the warranties on their OLED monitors that range from two to three years. TFTCentral broke the news in a tweet that ASUS was changing the warranties for all their OLED monitors by adding 2-year coverage of burn-in. Meanwhile, MSI recently added a post to its company website, announcing that it’s adding a 3-year warranty to all its OLED monitors that will expressly cover burn-in.

ASUS and MSI Take Steps to Reassure Their OLED Monitor Customers

Both companies have been explicit that these new warranties apply to all of their OLED monitors, including their latest models. This means that even customers interested in hot new products can feel safe in buying from ASUS and MSI. One new ASUS monitor, in particular, is among the best 27-inch gaming monitors in 2024, so these announcements should be welcome news to many.

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Both companies, of course, manufacture lots of products beyond monitors. Both are involved in developing laptops, graphics cards, and other tech items. Further, ASUS could be releasing its ROG Ally 2 handheld gaming device this year. Still, monitors represent a significant part of each business’ overall catalog, so shoring up confidence in these products certainly makes sense.

There are lots of great budget OLED monitors for gaming this year as well as lots of high-end models for those with some extra cash to spend. Now, customers of various budgets will have one more reason to check out ASUS and MSI when they’re shopping for a new screen.

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Asus Tuf Gaming VG279QM1A

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