You can use the sloop to escape the Moonrise Towers Prison in Baldur’s Gate 3. Here’s how to do it.

Baldur’s Gate 3 sends you into the Shadow Cursed Lands during the game’s second act. This entire area has been put under the deadly shadow curse. Using a torch will hold off the curse and prevent your party from taking damage. There are areas where the curse is stronger, and a simple torch won’t work. Your first goal should be immediately heading to Last Light Inn or acquiring a Moonlantern to ward off the curse.

Everything in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3 leads to the Moonrise Towers. This area is where one of the game’s primary antagonists resides, along with his army. Hidden in the prison underneath the towers is a sloop (boat) that you can use. Here is how to use this sloop and get a ride out of Moonrise Towers.


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Infiltrate Moonrise Towers

Character at the top of a flight of stairs

There are multiple ways to get into Moonrise Towers. You can head there early on in Act 2 and remain friendly with its inhabitants for some time. If you complete the Nightsong quest a certain way, you will be joined by the Harpers in an assault on the towers that will see its current residents at odds with your party. However, if you decide to approach the towers, it will change events drastically. Go into the front entrance and then head to the right. Use the stairs that lead below to the Moonrise Towers Prison.

Sloop Location

Map showing the location of the sloop

The Moonrise Tower Prison area is where Ketheric is holding his enemies captive. If you are infiltrating this area before angering the guards, you can talk with the prisoners and potentially gain a new companion. You can very carefully defeat all the guards on this floor without angering the entire tower and free the prisoners trapped here. The sloop is on the other side of the cells, immediately to the right of the prison entrance.


There are two ways to get to the sloop. The first is jumping into the green or red glowing pits and descending into a new area. Fight your way out of this area to end up on the other side of the cells.

A set of levers

You can also get into the central building in the prison and use the levers to open the cells. The levers on the wall will individually open them while the lever on the floor will release all the prisoners at once. Break through the cell walls by using spells or weapons to reach the sloop.

How to Use the Sloop

Inspect the boat to see that it still works. Destroy the brittle chains on both sides of the dock to use it. Manually select these chains to attack them. You can bring the prisoners along for their escape. The sloop will drop you off at the Last Light Inn. You will not be able to return this way as the sloop will be gone from the pier underneath the inn and the prison.


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