• Into the Light free expansion offers new PVE activity Onslaught & Lord Shaxx’s BRAVE Arsenal weapons with refreshed perks.
  • Players must complete attunement quests in Onslaught to farm specific weapons with increased drop chances.
  • Not all weapons are available at once; veterans will rejoice in familiar powerhouse weapons with new perks.

As Destiny 2 players wait for the arrival of The Final Shape, Bungie has released Into the Light to tide everyone over in the meantime. Into the Light is a free expansion that includes a new PVE activity, Onslaught, which grants access to Lord Shaxx’s special armory of “banned” weaponry: the BRAVE Arsenal. Many veteran players will recognize some of these powerhouse weapons that are making a comeback with slightly refreshed perk pools and features, as well as a new Origin Trait.


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In order to gain these weapons, players need to hop into Onslaught. Completing attunement quests for each weapon lets players attune to a specific weapon they would like to farm, increasing their drop chance from an Onslaught reward chest by 50%. Note that not all of these weapons will be available right out of the gates, and starting from the beginning of April, only Elsie’s Rifle, Succession, Hung Jury, The Recluse, Falling Guillotine, and Edge Transit will be available to farm. The rest is unlocked at around May 21.

Not all weapons pictured here have their BRAVE arsenal reskin. The article will be updated as more weapons are unlocked throughout Into the Light.

12 Blast Furnace

Kinetic Pulse Rifle

Blast Furnace pulse rifle from Destiny 2

  • God Roll: Kinetic Tremors & Firefly

Starting at the bottom of the ranking are archetypes that are seeing a bit less use in the game, generally speaking. Pulse rifles are not doing great, especially in the kinetic weapon slot, which is why Blast Furnace takes the bottom spot on the list.

Despite that, it still comes with commendable perk options. Kinetic Tremors is a nice way to add some AoE damage to a weapon archetype that is known for precision, single-target damage. Pair it up with Firefly, and it’s a classic PVE roll for a scout.

11 Elsie’s Rifle

Void Pulse Rifle

Destiny 2 Elsie's Rifle Brave Arsenal Type

  • God Roll: Repulsor Brace & Adrenaline Junkie

This Void pulse rifle has a decent perk pool, but like Blast Furnace, it suffers a little from its unpopular archetype. For PVE uses, it does have a few interesting choices for those who wish to pair it with their Void build.

Repulsor Brace and Adrenaline Junkie are looking particularly promising, though the Desperate Measures perk is also an interesting option for those who aren’t big fans of Adrenaline Junkie.

10 Hung Jury SR4

Kinetic Scout Rifle

Destiny 2 Elsie's Rifle Brave Arsenal Type

  • God Roll: Kinetic Tremors & Firefly / Explosive Payload

A classic scout rifle that has been brought back through Nightfalls over and over again, Hung Jury is likely a weapon many will have already added to their collection. As always, with this archetype, the best is to go for something that adds a pinch of AoE damage.


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Kinetic Tremors is a nice option to pair with either Firefly or Explosive Payload, which are nearly interchangeable. It’s hard to go wrong with Hung Jury in general, and despite its archetype, it’s a weapon every guardian should have in their vault.

9 Midnight Coup

Kinetic Hand Cannon

Destiny 2 Midnight Coup Hand Cannon

  • God Roll: Outlaw & Opening Shot

Hand cannons are starting to see a bit more love. For PVP, players can try Outlaw and Opening Shot as a classic pairing. Those who prefer using hand cannons in PVE also have a few options in the form of Firefly or Explosive Payload, and then Desperate Measures and Frenzy.

Out of the two hand cannons, Midnight Coup is probably going to be less PVE-friendly due to several great Exotic hand cannons outclassing it.

8 Luna’s Howl

Solar Hand Cannon

Destiny 2 Weapon luna's howl

  • God Roll: Eye of the Storm & Opening Shot

Luna’s Howl is the second-hand cannon in Shaxx’s special arsenal, but unfortunately, its Magnificent Howl perk has been gutted, to say the least. While it will likely still be a decent perk pick for those who can work a bit harder for the kills, a safer option is always Eye of the Storm and Opening Shot.

For PVE hand cannon enjoyers, the only truly interesting perk here is Incandescent.

7 Succession

Kinetic Sniper Rifle

Destiny 2 Brave Succession sniper rifle (1)

  • God Roll: Reconstruction & Firing Line (if in fireteam) / Vorpal Weapon (if solo)

Succession is a fantastic sniper rifle originally from the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Now, anyone can get their hands on it through Onslaught. It pairs well with a lot of boss DPS combination builds in PVE, so having a solid roll for the sniper is a must.

Reconstruction is a no-brainer for the first perk, and then depending on the activity, players should either pick Firing Line or Vorpal Weapon.

6 Falling Guillotine

Void Sword

Destiny 2 Falling Guillotine Sword

  • God Roll: Relentless Strikes & Whirlwind Blade

With Crota properly back in the game as a boss, swords are back on the menu. For those who don’t yet have The Lament, or who simply enjoy using swords for damaging tankier enemies and clearing ads, Falling Guillotine is a solid, must-have PVE weapon in an archetype that barely offers anything to gameplay.

The classic perk combination is still the same old: Relentless Strikes and Whirlwind Blade.

5 Edge Transit

Void Heavy Grenade Launcher

Destiny 2 Edge Transit Grenade Launcher Brave Arsenal Type

  • God Roll: Cascade Point & Bait and Switch

Bungie has been teasing players with increasingly more powerful and promising heavy grenade launchers since before Lightfall, but nothing substantial has really come out of it—yet. Edge Transit does show some promise, as it can roll with Cascade Point and Bait and Switch.


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Even better if players get extremely fortunate and earn a roll that contains both Cascade Point and Envious Assassin in the same column. Definitely one of the top contenders among all the weapons here, but will be ranked a bit lower for now as the meta still stays in favor of rocket launchers.

4 Hammerhead

Void Machine Gun

Hammerhead machine gun from Destiny 2

  • God Roll: Rewind Rounds & Killing Tally

Commemoration is finally getting some proper competition in the form of a reborn Hammerhead. Machine guns are doing really well in terms of ad-clearing, so those who haven’t been able to get their hands on the Deep Stone Crypt machine gun can simply farm a Hammerhead instead.

Rewind Rounds is a great choice here to avoid reloading a heavy weapon, paired with the classic Killing Tally perk that increases damage with each slain target—perfect for ad-clearing weapons.

3 The Mountaintop

Kinetic Grenade Launcher

Destiny 2 The Mountaintop

  • God Roll: Ambitious Assassin & One For All

The legendary kinetic grenade launcher finally makes its return in May. It’s also one of the toughest weapons to rank on this list, mainly because of how good its entire perk pool is. Almost any and all combination here will work wonders for PVE players.

Here, the recommended combination is Ambitious Assassin and One For All. Ambitious Assassin is fantastic as it loads two shots into the magazine, giving players more bang for their buck. Alternatively, Auto-Loading Holster is also an option, but more of a preference question. One For All is an incredible perk that buffs damage by 35% when players hit 3 separate enemies in 3 seconds, which is extremely easy with a grenade launcher. It may not be the most appealing perk, but it’s definitely worth trying. Otherwise, Recombination is a decent choice as well.

2 The Recluse

Void Submachine Gun

Destiny 2 The Recluse SMG Brave Arsenal Type

  • God Roll: Subsistence & Frenzy

SMGs are still very powerful in the game, which is why The Recluse earns its top 2 spot in this ranking with ease. It also comes packed with excellent perks, and players can’t exactly go wrong here. Those who missed out on the Funnelweb trend can go for the classic Subsistence and Frenzy combination that’s bound to be great. Threat Detector and Surrounded are also good options.

If players want something a little more exciting and spicy, consider going for a Repulsor Brace roll as well, which will pair nicely with a Void build.

1 Forbearance

Arc Grenade Launcher

forbearance wave frame grenade launcher

  • God Roll: Ambitious Assassin & Chain Reaction

Few weapons have reached the status of power and popularity as high as Forbearance. This wave frame Arc grenade launcher feels as smooth as butter to use and gets rid of ads in the blink of an eye. The perfect roll is still Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction, though keep in mind that Bungie has announced that Chain Reaction will be nerfed to some degree in the future.

With that in mind, One For All which works well for Mountaintop also works like a dream here and is ideal for players who want to prepare for that eventual nerf, no matter how big or small it is.

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