Diablo 4 builds on a rich history that continues to define the action RPG genre. The franchise has had its ups and downs, but Diablo 4 has thus far been well-received. Many consider it a significant high-point for the series, and there’s good reason for that.


Diablo 4: Best Nightmare Dungeons for XP (Season 2)

This Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon tier list will help players identify the maps that they should target when they are farming XP.

One aspect that makes players so excited is the robust set of character classes. Blizzard is constantly refining them, but what’s on offer at present is a dynamic, balanced roster of classes with unique play styles. Some of the classes are more powerful than others, but none are outright unplayable.

The following Diablo 4 tier list ranks the best Diablo 4 classes while paying attention to both the leveling and endgame experiences. Some classes perform significantly better once they are fully-geared and leveled up.

Updated February 5, 2024, by Marc Santos: Patch 1.3.0 for Diablo 4 once again shook up the game’s class balance significantly, buffing some underperformers while nerfing others that were a little too good. The rankings on this tier list have remained the same out of consideration for the early leveling experience of new players. However, we’ve revisited each class to see how well they perform in Season 3’s endgame so veteran players can get a good idea of what to expect from them. Keep in mind that overall power may still shift from one class to another depending on how Blizzard decides to re-balance things mid-season.

Diablo 4 Tier List (Best Diablo 4 Classes)


Blizzard has made quite a few tweaks to Diablo 4’s classes in the latest series of patches. Many of these controversial changes radically shifted the balance of power in the classes. The following class tier list details how each class compares in terms of ease of play and overall power, from best to worst, and in accordance with how strong they are at all stages of Diablo 4, including the early game. Blizzard will no doubt continue to refine the classes throughout the game’s lifespan, but here’s how they stand as of now:

S Rank – Rogue


The Rogue has leaped into the lead when it comes to the best Diablo 4 classes. Rogues are very easy to use and powerful to boot, using an array of tricks and traps to destroy demons by the dozen. It takes clever positioning and specific builds to get the most out of a Rogue, but the value players will get for their effort will always be exceptional.

As of Season of the Construct, Rogues have since fallen from the endgame’s top spot due to the buffs received by Druids and Barbarians. You’ll usually see these two classes outperforming Rogues when it comes to farming bosses and dungeons, though that’s not to say that Rogues are bad. In the current endgame, Rogues comfortably sit at A-tier.

A Rank – Druid and Necromancer


Even with all the buffs, the Druid class retains its slow leveling experience relative to other classes. However, its late-game builds featuring Lightning Storm and Tornado have never been better as of Season of the Construct. Once a Druid is properly geared up, they can steamroll through Nightmare Dungeons like a true force of nature. The only thing holding this class back from reaching S-tier is how difficult it is to manage their Spirit while leveling up.


Necromancers, on the other hand, have a very streamlined experience from start to finish. They’re great at all stages of the game with summoned minions and direct-damage attacks, though they perform exceptionally well in the endgame with Bone Spear. This class easily reaches S-tier in the endgame where they can demolish even Uber bosses with relative ease. In Season of the Construct, expect Corpse Explosion and Shadow-based builds to shine thanks to the buffs the class received.

B Rank – Sorcerer

Leveling up with a Sorcerer can feel a little iffy due to how naturally fragile the class is, but nothing quite beats the feeling of mowing down Hellspawn with magic. This is a very enjoyable class to play that scales fairly well into the endgame, though it can feel a bit stifling when it comes to build variety. The majority of Sorcerer builds rely on having multiple defensive skills at once, which can make the class feel stale at times. Still, Sorcerers can absolutely compete with other classes when it comes to endgame farming and boss-killing, especially with Meteor and Blizzard builds.

C Rank – Barbarian


The Barbarian class is an excellent choice for new Diablo players thanks to their high survivability and simple playstyles. They have the weakest early-game power among all the classes, but they slowly crawl their way up the tier list as players get better gear. Once a Barbarian does reach the peak of their power in Season of the Construct, they quickly overtake everyone else as an S-tier class with builds focusing on Rend, Charge, and Hammer of the Ancients, even with the nerfs to the Limitless Rage and Encroaching Wrath aspects.

Thankfully, this Diablo 4 tier list doesn’t need a “D,” “E,” or “F” rank. None of the Diablo 4 classes are outright unplayable or totally broken. The game regularly receives class balance updates in every season too, so players shouldn’t have to worry about any of the classes feeling bad to play at any stage of the game.

The Best Endgame Builds for Each Diablo 4 Class


Diablo 4 has a rich, repeatable endgame system that will keep players engaged for years to come if Blizzard plays their cards right. Starting at level 50, every Diablo 4 class gets access to Paragon Boards and a whole host of extra content. The extra progression system offers players more ways to customize their characters. This will come in handy as they face all the new threats they’ll encounter in the endgame. Here are links to a few of the best builds for these classes in the endgame, all of which have been updated to reflect changes from recent patches.

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