• Lucario is redesigned as a Monster Hunter beast, blending two popular series to create unique fan art.
  • Artist shunixe reimagine Lucario in Monster Hunter style, keeping key features while adding dragon-like scales.
  • Other Monster Hunter-themed Pokemon by shunixe include Reshiram and Vaporeon reimagined with new designs.

A Pokemon fan has recently redesigned Lucario, imagining how the creature would look as a Monster Hunter beast. Pokemon and Monster Hunter are two popular series with memorable creatures, so taking elements from both and combining them is an interesting way to create surprisingly good fan art.

Lucario is a Fighting/Steel-type creature that first appeared in the fourth generation of the Pokemon franchise. Lucario evolves from Riolu, a dog-like creature that only gains access to its stronger form when leveled up with high friendship parameters during the day. In Gen 6, Lucario gained the ability to turn into Mega Lucario when players use the Lucarionite on the Pokemon.


Fan Art Combines Pokemon With Kool-Aid

A creative Pokemon fan combines a few popular creatures of the franchise with Kool-Aid ads, coming up with amazing art pieces.

Now, an artist called shunixe decided to reimagine Lucario using the art style of Capcom’s popular series Monster Hunter. The new design distills Lucario’s essence into a Monster Hunter-inspired creature very well. For instance, it keeps the creature canine’s head in a somewhat similar shape, still resembling its most important features and maintaining the blue and black colors. Lucario’s whole body, on the other hand, changes drastically, gaining a strong scaled skin that makes it look more like a dragon.

Monster Hunter-Style Lucario Pokemon Fan Art

This is not the first time that shunixe has created Monster Hunter-themed Pokemon, though. A few days ago, the artist also reimagined Reshiram as a Monster Hunter-styled creature. This previous design follows the same patterns as the most recent one, with Reshiram conserving its original colors, the overall shape of its head, and its distinctive blue eyes. However, the creature is no longer biped in the new form and has metallic-like scales instead of feathers.

Last year, shunixe also created a Monster Hunter-inspired version of Vaporeon. In this case, the cute Water-type Eeveelution no longer looked like an adorable pet, as it also gained strong scales, huge claws, and a tail made out of water. Of these three designs, Vaporen is arguably the one that looks the least like the Pokemon that inspired it, being more similar to a Gyarados instead due to its long, serpent-like body.

Even when other artists are drawing Pokemon, Lucario is still fairly popular in fan art. A few days ago, another artist decided to create a fusion of Lucario and Mudkip. The result was a Water/Fighting-type creature that ditched the dog head, but retained Lucario’s body shape, looking like a huge Mudkip humanoid. The community keeps coming up with excellent fan art all the time, so even more excellent Lucario fan art will likely appear sometime in the future.



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