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As players travel through the world of Elden Ring, they can find various weapons. And some of them may have unique skills, such as Eochaid’s Dancing Blade. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you how to get Marais Executioner’s Sword with this skill in Elden Ring.

Marais Executioner’s Sword is one of the Greatswords. Therefore, to use it, you will need to invest in Strength. However, its unique skill is definitely worth all your efforts. Plus, with the right items, you can make it much stronger.


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How to Get Marais Executioner’s Sword in Elden Ring

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As is the case with most weapons, you will need to find the owner of the weapon to obtain it. Therefore, be prepared to spend quite a lot of time searching for it. More precisely, to get the Marais Executioner’s Sword in Elden Ring, you have to find and kill the Elemer of the Briar boss.

Despite being an optional boss, many players consider it one of the hardest bosses in the game. And this is not surprising since he has an aggressive fighting style. Moreover, the boss room is tiny, making it very difficult to avoid attacks.

However, first, you need to get to Elemer of the Briar. He is located on the top floor of The Shaded Castle in Altus Plateau. This location is confusing, so it’s easy to get lost in it. Therefore, from the Shaded Castle Inner Gate Site of Grace, you need to go up the left staircase, and then move north. Along the way, you will encounter various enemies, including Cleanrot Knights. You have to get to the tower with an elevator that will take you straight to the boss. And when you defeat him, you will receive the coveted Marais Executioner’s Sword in the Elden Ring.


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Elden Ring: Marais Executioner’s Sword Stats

Marais Executioner's Sword in Elden Ring

Marais Executioner’s Sword scales with Strength (C), Dexterity (E), and Arcane (D). Therefore, to use them, you will need to invest Runes in these stats:

  • Strength – 24
  • Dexterity – 14
  • Arcane – 23

And although these are quite high requirements, this weapon is worth it. Its unique skill is called Eochaid’s Dancing Blade. Using it, you can throw the sword in front of you for a corkscrew attack. Also, talismans such as Rotten Winged Sword Insignia will significantly increase the damage of this attack.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get Marais Executioner’s Sword in Elden Ring. This greatsword has a very useful skill. So follow our tips to find it as quickly as possible.

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February 25, 2022


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