• Fans of Fallout 4 can now equip Lucy’s tranquilizer gun through the Select Blaster mod.
  • The high-quality mod includes a customizable pistol that closely resembles its TV counterpart, with various crafting and modification options.
  • While awaiting the Fallout London mod release, fans can explore Neeher’s other unique weapons mods on Nexusmods for enhanced gameplay.

Fallout 4 fans can now equip and customize Lucy’s tranquilizer gun from Amazon’s Fallout TV show thanks to the Select Blaster mod. The new pistol looks nearly identical to its TV version and can be used in a variety of ways. The high-quality mod’s creator is working on another exciting Fallout 4 project that fans probably recognize.

Select Blaster creator Neeher is also involved in the ambitious Fallout London mod that is set to release later this month. Its development started years ago in 2019 and is said to feature a brand-new map the size of Fallout 4‘s original world plus the Far Harbor expansion. However, Fallout 4 is set to receive a major update just a couple of days after Fallout London’s expected release date, so it’s possible the mod’s launch might be pushed back a bit to fix any new bugs or issues, although this has not been confirmed yet. The modding group behind Fallout London recently announced that a video regarding this issue will be released on Saturday, April 13. In the meantime, Fallout fans can enjoy a mod that’s much smaller in scale but still impressive.


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Neeher’s Select Blaster mod adds Lucy’s tranquilizer pistol to the Overseer’s office in Vault 114. After obtaining the pistol, it behaves similarly to its TV version by shooting new tranquilizer rounds that can be crafted. If a player wants to, they can modify the Select Blaster at a workbench to turn it into a blaster or syringer. The pistol is fully animated for first and third person, even while using power armor. Additionally, the Select Blaster comes with plenty of customization options including different styles for its barrel, grip, handling, and textures.

Fallout 4 Mod Inspired By TV Show Adds Customizable Weapon

If fans want more unique weapons like this one, they can check out Neeher’s Select Series of weapons on Nexusmods, which includes a heavy shotgun, rapid machinegun, and much more. The community around Bethesda’s RPG has created lots of impressive Fallout 4 mods. These can be used to implement a wide range of improvements, from fixing minor but irritating bugs to adding entirely new content that can breathe new life into the game.

Fallout 4 is receiving a major update on April 25 that adds 60 FPS and improved resolution options on consoles and widescreen and ultra-widescreen support on PCs along with numerous bug fixes. Mobile game Fallout Shelter also received a major update that’s already available.

Following the hype created by Amazon’s show, even Fallout 76 is on the come up with a surge in player numbers, which is also thanks to a free trial period that runs until April 18. Curious fans who haven’t yet tried Fallout 76 and are also Amazon Prime members can claim the game for free with this month’s Prime Gaming offer.

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