• Outfits in Hogwarts Legacy allow players to customize their appearance, unlockable through challenges and exploration.
  • Players can express individualism by wearing a variety of outfits, from formal dress robes to casual nightwear.
  • Unlocking outfits like the Dark Arts Robes and Quidditch Captain’s Robes add unique elements to gameplay experiences.

When the newest witch or wizard begins their journey into Hogwarts Legacy to experience the magic and mystery of the Harry Potter franchise, they will start as a fifth-year student at Hogwarts. Donning the iconic robes of one of the four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, players may wonder how they can further express themselves beyond their house colors.


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Luckily for the player, Hogwarts Legacy features an impressive amount of outfits that the player can wear. Whether these outfits are unlocked through random gear or challenges, the best outfits in Hogwarts Legacy represent what’s great about the Harry Potter franchise, and bring individualism to each character.

Updated March 22, 2024 by Joe Grantham:The best thing about outfits in Hogwarts Legacy is that thanks to the game’s fantastic transmog system, players can alter the appearance of each gear slot while still retaining the benefits of equipping the strongest gear. There are six gear/appearance slots in total: Handwear, Headwear, Facewear, Neckwear, Cloaks and Robes, as well as Outfits.

Once any aspect of an outfit has been found or unlocked by players, it will remain as an appearance option even if they sell the gear. This means that by exploring, looting, and completing certain challenges or quests, players can gradually unlock all Hogwarts Legacy outfits.

19 Officer Uniform

Dress Code: Roleplay

officer uniform in hogwarts legacy

  • How to Unlock: Complete Dueling Feats Combat Challenge

Defending the magical world and the Muggles against the horrors of cursed magic and the dark arts requires a fitting uniform. Hogwarts Legacy players may want to roleplay as an officer of magical law with this outfit, which is unlocked by progressing through the Dueling Feats challenge.

The outfit consists of robes and a hat, which will make them appear as Hogsmeade and the surrounding area’s very own police. It’s a good roleplay opportunity and also features lore-friendly garb for those who had this sort of role before the Harry Potter films.

18 Autumn Festival Cloak & Dapper Mauve Ensemble

Dress Code: Adventuring

Hogwarts Legacy Autumn Festival Cloak

  • How to Unlock: Complete 32 Dueling Feats

Ever since the advent of the Harry Potter movies, the series has always had a rustic, antique aesthetic, especially around places such as The Burrow and Diagon Alley. The Autumn Festival Cloak fits in perfectly with this theme as it is made up of patchwork fabric. To wear it, however, players must first complete 32 Dueling Feats, which is no easy task.

To complete the look, players can wear something like the Dapper Mauve Ensemble or anything else with earthy colors. This particular aspect of clothing is unlocked at random from loot.

17 Tailored Tailcoat

Dress Code: Formal

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  • How to Unlock: Complete 2 “Solve Hogwarts’ Secrets Exploration Challenges”

The Tailored Tailcoat is an outfit worn by one of the worst Hogwarts Professors of all time, Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black. However, if players are able to solve two of the three Hogwarts’ Secrets puzzles, then they can strut around the castle and Hogsmeade in this fine tailcoat.

As it all comes in one outfit, no cloak is needed, although players might want to wear a nice pair of black gloves for added effect.

16 Dreamer’s Nightwear

Dress Code: Casual Nightwear

Hogwarts Legacy Dreamer's Nightwear

  • How to Unlock: Random loot

Hogwarts isn’t just a school of witchcraft and wizardry, but as a boarding school, it is also a home for both students and staff. Therefore, throughout the books and films, Harry and his friends often get into trouble while in their pajamas. If players want to fully immerse themselves in Hogwarts Legacy, then they should also put on some pajamas, and arguably the best pair is the Dreamer’s Nightwear.

These light-blue satin nightclothes have a certain elegance to them while remaining casual, and most importantly, comfy. They can also be paired with a Blue Nightcap, although as both of these items can only be unlocked via random loot, acquiring them is up to chance. Thankfully, there is plenty of other nighttime attire for players to put on when they want to wander the castle after hours.

15 Hogwarts Regalia

Dress Code: Formal

Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Regalia

  • How to Unlock: Collect Field Guide Pages in Hogwarts

Courtesy of the pensive, there are many flashbacks to Hogwarts during the Tudor period, and players with a taste for the fashion on show will be glad to know there is an outfit for them. The Hogwarts Regalia set, made up of a cloak, hat, gloves, and main ensemble, will make the main character look like Hogwarts royalty, and each component also happens to look great on its own if players prefer.


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To unlock this outfit, players will need to collect Field Guide Pages from around Hogwarts, with each checkpoint awarding one item of clothing. Additionally, there is a Cobalt Regalia outfit, which is earned by solving the mystery of the missing portrait.

14 Fashionable Dress Robes

Dress Code: Formal

Hogwarts Legacy Ron's Fashionable Dress Robes

  • How to Unlock: Complete 3 “Solve Hogwarts’ Secrets Exploration Challenges”

The Exploration Challenges in Hogwarts Legacy are among the most fun, and out of these, the most varied are the Solve Hogwarts’ Secrets challenges. By solving all three puzzles, players will be rewarded with a set of robes that they may recognize from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

These Fashionable Dress Robes, while perfectly charming in the 1890s, were deemed ghastly by Ron Weasley in the late 20th century. Nevertheless, this is an extremely cool easter egg for fans of the series and will make re-reading or re-watching The Goblet of Fire even more fun.

13 Casual School Uniform

Dress Code: Class

casual school uniform in hogwarts legacy

  • How to Unlock: Random loot

For some players, it’s nice to just fit in. The Casual School Uniform outfit will allow players to feel like a student in their later years of education, as the outfit clearly shows that this student is not too bothered about looking prim and proper. The Casual School Uniform outfit in Hogwarts Legacy has a loosened tie and an untucked shirt.

With this outfit equipped, players will have their chosen House colors and crest. The Casual School Uniform is perfect for the students of Hogwarts who aren’t too fond of breaking dress codes, but at the same time, want to add some casual flair to their outfits.

12 Tan Riding Attire

Dress Code: Casual

tan riding gear in hogwarts legacy

  • How to Unlock: Random loot

A legendary ensemble for witches and wizards who love to horse around.” This outfit has a level of sophistication to it. The muted colors allow for the characters’ features to shine, as well as blend delicately into the lovely mountain ranges around Hogwarts.


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The largest appeal for the Tan Riding Attire comes from the fact that players could utilize some roleplay elements in their Hogwarts Legacy playthrough. It’s a great outfit to wear when riding one of the mystical creatures that can be found and ridden across the skies and grounds of Hogwarts.

11 Kilted Garb

Dress Code: Casual

kilted garb in hogwarts legacy

  • How to Unlock: Random loot

For players to show more unique heritage around Hogwarts Legacy, the Kilted Garb could be the outfit for them. This outfit shows Scottish heritage with pride thanks to the kilt and patterns on the outfit. It’s great to bring a unique identity to Hogwarts with the Kilted Garb outfit.

This outfit perfectly honors Scottish tradition, and is described as “a legendary tunic and kilt fit for exploring the rolling hills.” The colors of red and blue make the outfit shine, and it’s great to see wizards and witches in a kilt.

10 Dragonhide Protector

Dress Code: Adventuring

dragonhide protector in hogwarts legacy

  • How to Unlock: Defeat Dark Wizards Combat Challenge

Progressing through the Dark Wizard challenge in Hogwarts Legacy, players will receive the Dragonhide Protector’s Cloak as a reward. This cloak is perfect for those who like showing off their achievements, as it appears as if the player will be wearing the hide of an ancient and dangerous dragon.

There have been plenty of magical and mystical beasts to inhabit the wizarding world, so the Dragonhide Protector outfit will show students, teachers, and citizens just how knowledgeable players are of the beasts. Although the idea of wearing dragon hide might seem cruel to some, or powerful to others, it depends on the perspective and hostility of the dragon. Other students at Hogwarts may be rather jealous of this attire, as it is not every day that a simple student of magic will see someone wearing a literal dragon skin as a coat, even if the thought is a tad morbid.

9 Top Of The Class

Dress Code: Class

top of the class in in hogwarts legacy

  • How to Unlock: Complete Assignments Quest Challenge

Throughout Hogwarts Legacy, players will receive Assignments from their Hogwarts teachers. These assignments will be so that as a new fifth-year, the player can quickly catch up on all the spells that they have missed out on. Assignments are great for learning all spells in Hogwarts Legacy, but also for the fact that they will obtain the Top of the Class outfit set.


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Completing all the Assignment classes will bring truth to the title of “Top of the Class”, as players will have followed through with all the teachings their professors provide, and be granted a unique set of student clothes for it.

8 Herodiana’s Attire

Dress Code: Adventuring

herodiana's set in hogwarts legacy

  • How to Unlock: Complete The Hall of Herodiana side quest.

An ensemble once worn by the famed Herodiana, earned by solving the puzzles in the Hall of Herodiana.” This outfit is an achievement in itself, as it is rewarded by completing The Hall of Herodiana side quest in Hogwarts Legacy. As an outfit, it’s unique and mystical for its leather straps and bracers.

Herodiana’s Attire is remarkable for its delicate blues and gentle design. It has the outfit of a proud wizard or witch, one that is ready to dabble within intellect or battle. It even comes with a cape, and it’s hard not to enjoy wearing a cape.

7 Zonko’s Chief Prankster

Dress Code: Casual

zonko's chief prankster in hogwarts legacy

  • How to Unlock: Complete the Hogsmeade Field Guide Page Challenge

Considering that Hogwarts Legacy gives players the freedom to adventure through Hogwarts and the surrounding areas, and Forbidden Forests, it would be surprising if the game did not treat the chosen fifth-year student as somewhat of a daring prankster, which is why the Zonko’s Chief Prankster outfit is perfect.

This attire consists of a colorful outfit with branding attached to Zonko’s pranking shop that is found famously in Hogsmeade. Players can receive all pieces of Zonko’s set if they progress through the Hogsmeade Field Guide challenge.

6 Relic House Uniform

Dress Code: Adventuring

relic house robe in in hogwarts legacy

  • How to unlock: Find all the Daedalian Keys and open the House Chest

It’s no secret that Hogwarts has many mystical elements that some students will go through their entire academic ventures without finding. One of the most secret things seems to be that of the House chest, which can only be unlocked by finding all the Daedalian Keys and opening the House Cabinets to earn House Tokens.

In completing this venture, players will be rewarded with the Relic House Uniform, a unique robe that will glow when the player is casting spells. Depending on the house of the player they will have a different beast on the cloak, but it’s pretty fancy either way.

5 Dark Arts Robes

Dress Code: Adventuring

dark arts outfit in hogwarts legacy

  • How to unlock: Own the Dark Arts Pack DLC and complete Welcome to Hogwarts

The Dark Arts are a danger that is not taught to students of Hogwarts. What they are taught, is how to defend themselves against it, as there exist dark and evil witches and wizards that seek to use forbidden magic to their advantage and lust for power. However, with no repercussions, the player can join them with the Dark Arts Robes.


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Sadly for some players, the Dark Arts Robes are exclusive for players of the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition. However, the Dark Arts Cosmetic Set can be purchased separately for those that have the Hogwarts Legacy Standard Edition and consists of a great outfit for those with a dark side.

4 Quidditch Captain’s Robes

Dress Code: Flying

Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts House Broom

  • How to unlock: Complete Landing Platforms Exploration Challenge

Quidditch is one of the most beloved aspects of the Harry Potter franchise and while it was sadly not included in the game, there are nonetheless plenty of details and props to do with everyone’s favorite wizarding sport.

For example, by landing on platforms around the map and slowly completing the corresponding Exploration Challenge, players will unlock more parts of the Quidditch Captain’s uniform. This outfit is different for each House and looks fantastic when players are zooming around on the best brooms in Hogwarts Legacy.

3 Traditional School Robes

Dress Code: Class

traditional school robes in hogwarts legacy

  • How to unlock: Random loot

The Traditional School Robes outfit is a stylized, fancy version of the uniform seen by all students in Hogwarts, and famously, in the Harry Potter books and movies. Made out of fine materials, this is perhaps a school uniform for more well-off students.

The Traditional School Robes will be in the color of the player’s house, so the selection is limited to red, green, blue, or yellow. These school robes can be found at random in chests or on slain enemies, so it takes a bit of luck to acquire them.

2 Legendary Armored Attire

Dress Code: Adventuring

legendary set in hogwarts legacy

  • How to unlock: Main Story Challenge

The main story of Hogwarts Legacy may take many mysterious turns, with a plot that unfolds slowly throughout many missions, and it’ll be worth it not just for the experience of magic, but for the cosmetic bonuses, as the Main Story challenge will unlock the Legendary Armored Attire set.

This set is great for those who like walking through Hogwarts in style, as the set features fashionable garb, as well as a cape. The Legendary Armored Attire in Hogwarts Legacy will have players feeling less like a student, and more like a legend of Hogwarts.

1 Spider Slayer Armor

Dress Code: Roleplay

spider slayer armor in hogwarts legacy

  • How to unlock: Defeat Spiders Combat Challenge

If players are tired of being a student, then they should look no further than the Spider-Slayer Armor set. This set sees the player do away with their student garb, and instead, don some shiny and metallic armor as if they are about to link the First Flame from Dark Souls. It’s a great outfit that certainly makes the player stand out.

This set is obtained through the Spiders challenge, and despite its bulk, it offers no extra protection. It will limit seeing the face of the player-created character, which can increase the goofiness of some scenes, but it’s a pretty great outfit for the knight lovers out there.

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy
February 10, 2023


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