Developed by Scopely, Monopoly GO is the mobile version of the famous board game Monopoly. As you make your way through the game, you can enjoy various fun activities like constructing, purchasing, and selling properties- all with the goal of bankrupting your opponents. The game is an excellent combination of luck and strategy.

Having said that, Monopoly GO keeps introducing new events regularly. Participating in these events is a great way to collect exciting in-game rewards, and sometimes, there are several events running simultaneously. Every event introduces new milestones and rewards and has its own duration, spanning from several hours to sometimes an entire week. In this guide, you will find a list of all the active events in Monopoly GO, each with linked dedicated guides for more detailed information.

Updated on January 31, 2024, by Umama Ali: You can use this guide to learn about all the tournaments and other events going on right now in Monopoly GO. On January 31, get ready for a fresh wave of excitement as the game will unveil the Bird Watching tournament. It will replace the Golden Discoveries tournament, bringing new rewards for players.


Monopoly GO: All Lasso Loops Rewards and Milestones

Here are all the rewards and milestones for the latest Lasso Loops event in Monopoly GO.

Monopoly GO Event Schedule Today

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Events in Monopoly GO fall into different categories, such as main events, Partner events, and tournaments. Main events are usually available for three to four days, Partner events span four to six days, and tournaments tend to be shorter, usually lasting a day or two.

Below are all the active events and tournaments on January 31, 2024:

Available: Jan 29 – Feb 1

Event Goal:

Players will have to land on the Chance, Railroad, and Community Chest tiles to get points.

Available: Jan 31 – Feb 1.

Tournament Goal:

Players will have to land on the Railroad tiles to get tournament points. During tournaments, players can win extra rewards by securing high positions on the tournament leaderboard.

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In addition to the aforementioned events, Monopoly GO also has a Golden Blitz event. This particular event allows players to exchange Gold stickers. For those who don’t know, Gold stickers are the most valuable stickers in the game and can’t be exchanged otherwise. During this event, you can trade up to five Gold cards a day.

The game also has a Partners event where you can play with your friends to complete landmarks. The last Partners event was Gardening Partners, which took place from January 8 to January 13.

All Special Events in Monopoly GO Today

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Wheel Boost:

When to Expect: 1 AM – 7 AM CST

Duration: 30 Minutes

Mega Heist:

When to Expect: 7 AM – 1 PM CST

Duration: One Hour

High Roller:

When to Expect: 7 AM – 1 PM CST

Duration: 10 Minutes

Rent Frenzy:

When to Expect: 1 PM- 4 PM CST

Duration: 20 Minutes

Board Rush:

When to Expect: 1 PM CST

Cash Boost:

When to Expect: 7 PM – 10 PM

Duration: Five Minutes

High Roller:

When to Expect: 10 PM – 4 AM

Duration: 10 Minutes


Monopoly GO: Free Dice Links (January 2024)

Players who want to get free dice rolls in Monopoly Go can find help here.

Monopoly GO Special Events Explained

free parking, landmark rush, and sticker boom events monopoly go

Rent Frenzy:

This is a special event in which you can find more rent targets on your game’s board. Rent targets are round icons found on random tiles on the board. Rent frenzy significantly increases these targets on the board, allowing you to collect more rent.

Wheel Boost:

During the wheel boost event, you get an extra wheel spin when you complete a color set. The wheel features a variety of in-game rewards, including dice rolls, sticker packs, and cash.

Free Parking:

During the Free Parking event, you’ll notice various parking signs on specific tiles on your board. By landing on these signs, you can accumulate various rewards. However, to collect those rewards, you’ll need to land on the ‘Free Parking’ tile.

High Roller:

High roller boosts the roll multiplier by up to 200x. While high multipliers can get you bigger rewards in the game, they also use more dice rolls. For example, if you set your multiplier to 200, your rewards will be multiplied by 200, but it will also consume 200 dice rolls.

Mega Heist:

bank heist monopoly go

Mega Heist increases the rewards of a bank heist by up to 10x. It’s recommended to use roll multipliers during this time-limited event to earn even more money.

Cash Grab:

During the Cash Grab event, landing on the ‘Chance’ tile takes you to a mini-game where they can grab a lot of money falling from the sky by simply tapping it.

Board Rush:

Board Rush is a special event in the game where you can snag a range of prizes by completing a board. Usually, these rewards include cash and 10 free dice rolls.

Sticker Boom:

sticker boom event in monopoly go

In the Sticker Boom event, you can get more stickers with every pack you open.

Landmark Rush:

Similar to Board Rush, you’ll have to complete landmarks to get rewards during the Landmark Rush.

Cash Boost:

During the Cash Boost event, players have a chance to get more cash by executing shutdowns and heists, opening community chests, and simply landing on tiles.

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