• One Piece chapter 1104 will feature an intense clash between Kuma and Saturn, with Kuma finally gaining his free will and standing up to Saturn to save his daughter. Fans can expect Kuma to strike Saturn and potentially cause him to bleed, but Kuma will not be the one to ultimately defeat Saturn.
  • Saturn, a powerful individual on the same level as the Yonko, will fight back against Kuma. Kuma will eventually fall to Saturn, setting the stage for Luffy to take over and become the hero. Kuma may play a bigger role by using his power to remove Luffy’s fatigue and pain, weakening himself in the process.
  • Luffy will return to action and tap into Gear 5 in One Piece chapter 110
  • As his stamina refills, he will jump into battle against Saturn. This marks the beginning of the final fight in the Egghead Island arc, where Luffy’s role will be incredibly important. The finale will involve intense fights between various characters and the potential awakening of the Iron Giant to pave the way for the Straw Hats’ escape.

After weeks of waiting, Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece returns with One Piece chapter 1104, and fans are incredibly excited to dive back into the story once again. The events of One Piece have been nothing short of extraordinary over the last few months, with the story tackling the flashback of the character, Bartholomew Kuma, in its entirety, and immediately after the conclusion of it, returning back to the events of Egghead Island, where the war against the Marines and Saint Saturn is now hitting its peak.


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Fans are incredibly excited to see these events continue and One Piece chapter 1104 is going to be incredibly important in that regard.

Kuma Vs Saturn

bonney nika form against saturn vs kuma one piece 1104

One thing that fans can be absolutely certain about when it comes to the events of One Piece chapter 1104 is the incredible clash between Kuma and Saturn. In the previous chapter, fans saw Saturn trying to execute Bonney using his demonic powers and, in the nick of time, Kuma arrived and he saved his own daughter once again, despite having lost all his free will. He was able to defy all logic just for the sake of his daughter, and he stood up to Saturn. Towards the end of the chapter, it appeared that Kuma had gained his free will once again and he turned his attention towards Saturn, seemingly about to hit him. That is exactly where the previous chapter of One Piece concluded and fans are incredibly excited to see the story pick up from where it left off.

One Piece chapter 1104 will most definitely see Kuma striking Saturn across the face. This is one thing that fans can be absolutely certain about. Saturn, even though he’s very strong, is not going to be able to defend himself against this powerful punch. Kuma has had his life get destroyed by Saturn and he will have his revenge here and the fact that his daughter was about to be killed by this individual will only rile him up further. As such, fans should fully expect Kuma to hit Saturn across the face and potentially even cause him to bleed. Since Kuma is using powerful Haki on his fists, it is entirely possible that he will damage Saturn more than Bonney was able to previously when the fighting began. Regardless, fans should not expect Saturn to fall simply from Kuma’s beating. He is the main villain of the arc after all and while Kuma certainly deserves to get some of his anger out on Saturn, he will not be the one to take him down.

Saturn Fights Back

saturn tries to kill bonney one piece 1104

Saturn is a powerful individual. It is absolutely beyond any doubt that Saturn is someone on the same level as the Yonko and fans already know how difficult it is to take one of these people down. In the previous arc, Kaido showed his incredible resilience in the fight against Luffy and all the others that he took on in Wano. As such, fans know that Kuma is not up to the task and he will not be able to defeat Saturn. While he certainly does deserve his moment against Saturn since he was the one who was responsible for ruining his life and almost killed his daughter, Kuma will have to give way for Luffy to do what he does best.

As a result, fans should fully expect Saturn to fight back in One Piece chapter 1104. Kuma, despite being the hero, will eventually fall to Saturn, and from there onwards, Kuma’s job will be to set the stage for someone else to come and become the hero. This person is going to be none other than Luffy, who fans know to be the Warrior of Liberation.


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Kuma might even end up playing an even bigger role in the upcoming chapter of One Piece. While fans have seen Luffy already consuming food so as to get back to full strength and fight Saturn, he still carries a lot of fatigue. If there’s one thing that fans know that Kuma can do, it is to get fatigue and other abstract things out of a human’s body. Perhaps, Kuma will use his power to remove all of Luffy’s fatigue and pain and take it for himself one last time. This would severely weaken Kuma, however, it would give a huge buff to Luffy and prepare him to fight against Saturn.

Luffy Taps Into Gear 5

luffy gear 5 vs kizaru one piece 1104

One Piece chapter 1104 will most definitely see Luffy return in action. This is something that Oda has been building up towards and it is clear for the fans to see, judging by how the previous chapters of the story concluded. Luffy was seen consuming food in the previous chapter of One Piece. Where exactly he got this food from is not known at the moment. This could have been the work of either Admiral Kizaru, or, even Caribou. Regardless of who gave him the food, the point is that Luffy is going to be returning to strength soon, and as soon as his stamina refills, he is going to jump into battle. This could happen as early as One Piece chapter 1104, as Kuma should not be expected to be able to continue for long.

Given the level of threat that Luffy is going to be up against, he cannot waste any time and it is best for him to simply jump into Gear 5 as soon as possible. As such, fans could see Gear 5 return in One Piece chapter 1104 and Luffy will then take over from Kuma in the fight against Saturn. This will then mark the beginning of the final fight in the Egghead Island arc. Oda already confirmed to the fans that the Egghead Island arc will conclude in 2024 and, it could actually happen sooner rather than later. The final fights have already been set and Luffy is going to be incredibly important here in the Egghead Island finale.

Egghead Island’s Finale Begins

kuma arrives to fight saturn one piece 1103

The finale of the Egghead Island arc is going to be absolutely immense. There are many things that are going to be at play here. Starting from the fights, fans will see Luffy take on Saturn, while Zoro will be taking on Lucci. Kuma is also going to be involved in some way and that is something that fans should keep their eyes on, even though Luffy will likely take the center stage soon. Then, there is the curious case of Bonney, who, in the previous chapter, was seen giving up on life. However, Saturn made it very clear that if Bonney makes the connection between Luffy’s white form and Nika, then, the true potential of her Devil Fruit could be seen surfacing. As such, there is a possibility that Bonney will take a white-haired form soon being inspired by Luffy, because that is something that her Devil Fruit makes possible as well.

There is also the case of Sanji, who is currently being pinned down by Saturn, however, once Kuma or even Luffy attacks Saturn, Sanji will be free to move. This makes him a contender in the fights as well, and the most likely opponent for him here is none other than Admiral Kizaru. This is another fight that could happen in the finale of the Egghead Island Arc and something that fans should keep their eye on.

All the fights are going to be incredibly intense, there is also the case of the Iron Giant, who was previously awakened when Luffy tapped into the power of Gear 5. Now that Luffy is going to tap into the power of Gear 5 once again, the Iron Giant could potentially wake up and pave the way for the Straw Hats to escape. It must be remembered that Egghead Island is currently under siege and, as a result, someone will need to break through the siege in order for the crew to escape. Once the crew win their fights, it will be up to the Iron Giant to save everyone and pave the way for their escape and, for that reason, the Iron Giant is going to be absolutely necessary. There are many things that are going to be focused on in One Piece chapter 1104, and fans cannot be more excited to see the series return.

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