• Talented Pokemon fan creates realistic Regice figures with impressive icy texture, garnering admiration from fans.
  • Detailed scratching and brushing technique used to achieve frosty appearance of Regice, confirmed by creator.
  • Pokemon fans continue to show creativity with fan-made Regi concepts, ensuring the popularity of Legendary giants endures.

An artistically talented Pokemon fan is creating a stir online due to their impressive and incredibly detailed miniature figures of Regice. The intricate figurines, which look as if they’ve been carved directly out of a block of ice, are gaining the attention and admiration of thousands of Pokemon fans, with many theorizing as to how the creator achieved such a realistic look with one of the most powerful Ice-type Pokemon.

Introduced in Pokemon‘s third generation, Regice is an Ice-type Legendary composed literally of solid glacier ice. Existing as part of a trio along with Regirock and Registeel for many generations, the Legendary giants roster grew by two with the addition of Regieleki and Regidrago as part of Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s The Crown Tundra DLC. The Legendary giants’ popularity has seemingly grown in recent years, leading to fan creations like the one below.


Pokemon Fan Redesigns Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur

An artistically talented Pokemon fan is receiving quite a bit of attention for their redesigns of Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur.

The impressive Regice figures in question come from a Reddit user named OH_MY_Xelnaga, who posted their admirable artwork to one of the site’s major Pokemon pages. The initial image is of the first Regice figure facing directly at the camera with a raised arm and leg, appearing like it’s coming out of the glacier, akin to its anime origin. The second image has the same figure at a quarter-turn, giving viewers a clearer idea of how its back spikes appear. The final image is the same figure without its snowy base, with a larger, darker Regice figure just behind it.

Regice being very geometric in design may leave little room for a sense of realism, OH_MY_Xelnaga manages to achieve quite the realistic icy texture. Several dozen comments on the post are hypotheses on the steps taken to get the transluscent blue color and detailed scratching and brushing to give Regice its frosty appearance, one of which was confirmed by the creator. This isn’t the first time the Pokemon fan and artist has made headlines for detailed figures, with the same person making an incredible Mewtwo figure floating in a tube, recreating its origin as seen in Pokemon: The First Movie.

In addition to making various forms of art of pre-existing Regi, Pokemon fans have been coming up with concepts for new Regi types. One fan recently came up with a design for a Water-type Regi, called Regitube. The name is quite accurate, with the design literally a pile of connected inner tubes. While there’s no telling if or when the Legendary giants will be featured in the franchise again, their popularity endures thanks to legions of Pokemon fans.



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