• Big Mom Pirates are a powerful crew that rules over a large portion of the New World, even the Navy can’t challenge them.
  • The crew has diverse devil fruit users and strong Haki users, some of whom are considered among the strongest in the series.
  • Charlotte Katakuri is the strongest member, with advanced-level Observation Haki and superior Armament Haki. Big Mom herself is the strongest Haki user in the crew.

The Big Mom Pirates are an incredibly powerful pirate crew and they have ruled over a large chunk of the New World for quite a long time. Until recently, this pirate crew was a force to be reckoned with, such that even the Navy couldn’t do anything about their supremacy in the New World.


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The Big Mom Pirates are absolutely massive when it comes to numbers, and they possess some of the most diverse devil fruit users. At the same time, this group also has quite a lot of powerful Haki users, some of whom can be considered to be among the strongest characters in the entire series.

10 Charlotte Raisin

Haki Types: Armament

charlotte raisin one piece

Charlotte Raisin is certainly among the weakest Haki users in the Big Mom Pirates, however, a user of Haki, nonetheless. He was seen engaging in combat against Sanji towards the end of the arc and was completely one-shot by the Straw Hat cook.

He appears to be a powerful swordsman and he has been seen coating his blade in Armament Haki.

9 Tamago

Haki Types: Armament, Observation

Tamago Introducing Himself To The Straw Hats In One Piece

Tamago is quite a skilled pirate, worth 429 million berries. He is extremely dangerous, largely thanks to his usage of his Zoan-type Devil Fruit.

He is also a user of Haki, as has been confirmed in the series already. Given his incredibly high bounty, one can understand that his Haki is decent, to say the least.

8 Pekoms

Haki Types: Armament, Observation

Pekoms goes berserk in sulong

Pekoms is also a high-ranking member of the Big Mom Pirates and he has played a significant role in the story. He is a user of the turtle Devil Fruit, however, at the same time, he is also a very skilled user of Haki.

When it comes to armament Haki, Pekoms is so strong that he was able to take down Caribou in a single punch.

7 Charlotte Daifuku

Haki: Armament, Observation

One Piece Daifuku Genie

Charlotte Daifuku is a powerful member of the Big Mom Pirates worth 300 million berries. His usage of his Hoya Hoya no Mi is quite spectacular and he also possesses the ability to use Haki.


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Daifuku is quite terrific in battle, and when it comes to Haki, he is decent, at the very least.

6 Charlotte Oven

Haki: Armament, Observation

One Piece Pound attacked by Oven in One Piece

Charlotte Oven is quite a skilled Haki user and fans have seen him fight quite a lot in the Whole Cake Island arc of One Piece.

Oven possesses the amazing ability of the Netsu Netsu no Mi, which allows him to heat up his body as he wishes. His Haki is also quite strong and only boosts his strength further.

5 Charlotte Perospero

Haki Types: Armament, Observation

Perospero shooting a candy arrow

Charlotte Perospero is one of the strongest members of the Big Mom Pirates, worth 700 million berries. He is an elite member of the crew, which many even consider to be one of the leaders in Big Mom’s absence. Perospero has the ability to utilize both Observation and Armament Haki.

His Haki doesn’t appear to be all that special and he’s more oriented towards Devil Fruit usage, however, for a pirate worth 700 million berries, it is decent, to say the least. He has survived some of the most deadly attacks, which suggests above-average usage of Armament Haki, at the very least.

4 Charlotte Cracker

Haki Types: Armament, Observation

Charlotte Cracker Smiling At Luffy as they fight on Whole Cake Island in One Piece

Charlotte Cracker was one of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates and certainly an incredible Haki user. He was a user of both Armament and Observation Haki. His specialty, however, was the former.

When it comes to Armament Haki, Cracker was so strong that even Luffy could not take him out without using the excessive force of Gear Fourth. His Armament Haki could even cut Gear Fourth, suggesting superior control of this art when compared to Luffy in Whole Cake Island.

3 Charlotte Smoothie

Haki Types: Armament, Observation

Smoothie Drinking A Freshly Squeezed Victim In One Piece

Charlotte Smoothie is the second-strongest commander of the Big Mom Pirates and certainly an incredible character. Fans know her to be very powerful, and she has a bounty of 932 million berries to show for it.

Smoothie is a user of Armament and Observation Haki and, given that she’s a Commander, one can expect above-average usage of these abilities from her. Unfortunately, she has not been seen in fights much.

2 Charlotte Katakuri

Haki Types: Conqueror’s, Armament, Observation

Katakuri Staring Down Luffy In The Mirror World In One Piece

Charlotte Katakuri is the strongest member of the Sweet Commanders and certainly one of the strongest pirates in the entirety of One Piece. He is a user of all three types of Haki. Katakuri has managed to advance two of his Haki types to the next level.

He is a user of advanced-level Observation Haki, which allows him to see into the future itself, and also an advanced grade of Armament Haki, which was so strong that even Luffy struggled while dealing with it in Gear 4. He can also utilize Conqueror’s Haki, however, at a basic level.

1 Big Mom

Haki Types: Conqueror’s, Armament, Observation

Big Mom

The captain of the crew, Big Mom is quite easily the strongest Haki user in her pirate crew. She has access to all three types of Haki, with two of them being advanced to the next level. Big Mom can utilize Armament Haki at the highest grade, sending it inward to deal damage from the inside.

At the same time, Big Mom can also utilize the ability to infuse Conqueror’s Haki and this is one of the strongest abilities, suggesting a higher level mastery of Haki.

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