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In Palworld, there are a variety of different facilities that can be unlocked as you progress through the game. These facilities provide your Base with many different tasks for you and your Pals to participate in, allowing you to generate resources and improve your player level even further.

However, sometimes it can be frustrating when you need to prioritize certain tasks for quests or current activities that you are attempting to complete, as Pals aren’t always willing to focus on the type of work that you need most. For this reason, knowing how to disallow work for your Pals will enable you to change which tasks they participate in, and knowing how to cancel breaks will ensure you’re always able to complete tasks around your Base whenever you’re in a rush.


Palworld: How to Get Power Fruit, Life Fruit & Stout Fruit

In Palworld, Power Fruit, Stout Fruit, and Life Fruit have the ability to improve the stats of your Pals, making them a valuable item to obtain.

How To Get A Monitoring Stand In Palworld

A screenshot from Palworld showing an in-game base with multiple Pals, farms, and houses.

In Palworld, the first step to being able to disallow certain work tasks for your Pals is to unlock the Monitoring Stand, which can be purchased in the Technology menu with the use of Ancient Technology Points from player level 15 and above.

After you have successfully unlocked this crafting recipe, you will then need to gather and expend a few resources to build this structure somewhere around your base. The required materials are listed below:

Monitoring Stand Build Materials

How To Cancel Breaks & Disallow Work For Pals In Palworld

The Monitoring Stand menu in Palworld

After building the Monitoring Stand, you will then need to walk up to it and press the V button to open the Pal work menu. Here you will see a list of all active Pal workers around your base, as well as a drop-down list of tasks that they are capable of doing, which can help players keep track of everything much more easily.

By default, each Pal will be assigned to every type of work in which they are capable of participating, but you can edit this in whatever way you prefer to assign each Pal to a certain task or a certain group of tasks. This way, you can make sure that you have Pals assigned to all facilities that you need to focus on, no matter if you need to whip up a new dish with a Kindling Pal or quickly farm materials using the Logging Site.

If you find your Pal taking a break when you need them to get a job done around your Base, then you can cancel their work break to force them back to jobs you have allowed at the Monitoring Stand. To do this, simply walk up to a resting Pal, pick them up, and throw them at the worksite. This will result in the Pal jumping right back into work, though their Sanity may take a hit as a result of not getting enough rest.


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