A talented confectioner and Pokemon fan creates adorable three-dimensional Togepi cakes that are nearly too cute to be eaten.


  • Togepi cakes created by a fan are almost too cute to eat, drawing praise from the Pokemon community.
  • Togepi premiered in the anime before the games, leading to fan rumors that turned out to be false.
  • Some fans are divided on eating the Togepi cakes, with jokes about its weakness to steel for easy consumption.

A Pokemon fan has created some three-dimensional Togepi cakes that are almost too cute to be eaten. The charming creations have drawn praise from the fan community and highlight one of the cutest Pokemon to premiere in Gen 2.

Togepi is a bit unusual among its fellow Pokemon in that it premiered in the TV series quite a while before the games got around to introducing it. The Pokemon anime saw Ash and company finding the mysterious egg which eventually hatched to reveal Togepi. The addition of Togepi to the anime before the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver led to a lot of fan rumors about how the Pokemon could be found and caught, which all turned out to be false. However, it just goes to show that the Pokemon was popular from the start with so many fans eager to add one to their collection.


Pokemon Art Imagines Togepi as a Human

A Pokemon fan art imagines Pokemon Gold and Silver’s Togepi as a human rather than the small and colorfully shelled creature that it is.

Pokemon fan and confectioner miscellaneousmao shared their adorable Togepi cakes with the game’s subreddit, explaining how they were made and what they consist of. Miscellaneousmao took clear dessert cups and decorated the inside walls with candy melts to create Togepi’s iconic red and blue geometrical shapes. From there, they filled the cups with whipped cream, frosting, and cake, building the base that Togepi peeks out of. The top of the Pokemon cake is made with additional cake and chilled buttercream that they smoothed into the iconic shape of Togepi’s spiky head. Miscellaneousmao made a few different versions, with Togepi expressing various levels of happiness.

Togepi Cake is Adorable, But Fans Divided on Eating it

While most commenters seemed to agree that the Togepi cakes are adorable, some thought they were entirely too cute to eat. A second image shared by miscellaneousmao with most of Togepi’s head removed and showing the interior cake disturbed some fans, who were a little alarmed at seeing Togepi actively being eaten. Others joked that they couldn’t wait to dig in after breaking through the head, and miscellaneousmao humorously responded by saying that like its in-game self, this Togepi is weak to steel, thus easy to eat with a spoon.

Togepi has remained a popular Pokemon since its premiere in Gen 2, which led to some disappointment with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Togepi and its evolutions have been included in all of the mainline games since Pokemon Gold and Silver, with the exception of Scarlet and Violet. Even the DLC that came out after the fact didn’t add the Baby Pokemon or its evolutions to the title. While Pokemon Scarlet and Violet skipped over the Fairy-type Pokemon, the fans clearly haven’t forgotten about it, and many are hoping it returns in the next Pokemon game.



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