There are several weapons with high damage capabilities in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but the most effective weapons in breaking rocks and ores are blunt heavy weapons that Link swings. These weapons are easy to find and make by fusing two weapons.

The base damage capacity of a weapon does not matter when it comes to breaking rocks. Blunt weapons are more effective than sharp-edged weapons that are stronger. Weapons like the Master Sword and the Royal Guard’s Bow can break rocks, but it lowers their durability much faster. They are better suited to fighting difficult opponents than breaking rocks.

Updated February 1, 2024, by Ritwik Mitra: Tears of the Kingdom is a fitting sequel to one of the greatest video games ever made. The sequel addressed most complaints that players had from Breath of the Wild. It is loaded with a ton of content as players can explore a new take on the world of Hyrule, featuring impressive verticality. During their adventures, players will come across many ore and zonaite deposits that need to be broken down. Most players would prefer to preserve their valuable weapons and figure out more cost-effective solutions to this problem.


Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Best Early Game Weapons

Here are the best early-game weapons that can give players a decisive edge in Tears of the Kingdom.

12 Yunobo’s Power Of Fire

A Great Sage Power That Breaks Anything In Its Path

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - Yunobo Swinging Cobble Crusher

The Sages seem like impressive additions early on, before the faults in their implementation rear their ugly head. The number of times players have accidentally triggered these Sage powers during their adventures can be pretty frustrating.

One of the Sages whom Link helps out in the game is Yunobo, the Sage of Fire, who can turn into a living boulder that can be launched towards enemies. This power can be used to break ores and rocks at no cost, although players should know that these materials can be launched far away if luck is not on their side.

How To Obtain

Defeat a mind-controlled Yunobo as players progress throughout the main story in the area of Death Mountain. His Sage power is obtained after conquering the Fire Temple and defeating Gohma.

An Economical, Weak Weapon That Bashes Ore Easily

Metal crates in Tears of the Kingdom

Metal crates are present all over the world in Tears of the Kingdom. They generally contain useful resources that can aid Link in his adventure.

However, one little-known use of these crates is how they can enhance the smashing power of a weapon. This makes them a highly economical material to fuse with most weapons in the game, making them great for breaking open rocks.

How To Obtain

It’s easy to find metal crates in the game, and fusing them is as simple as can be.

10 Bashing With A Rock-Shield

A Weird Yet Effective Way To Break Rocks And Ore

Rock-Shield in Tears of the Kingdom

Attaching a rock to a weapon is something that most players will become familiar with as the game progresses. However, if players have no viable weapon to attach a rock to, then a shield can suffice.

Fusing a rock — or, even better, a boulder — with a shield and using it to bash ore and zonaite deposits is a decent way to break them. It’s a rather eccentric way to get the job done, but all players will care about is that this strategy works.

How To Obtain

Rocks and boulders are pretty commonplace in the world of Tears of the Kingdom.

9 Large Two-Handed Weapons

Can Smash Ore In One or Two Hits

The Royal Claymore in the Depths

If players are struggling to find a good item to fuse with their weapon near an ore deposit, then they needn’t fret. After all, if there are no options available, then a large two-handed weapon will get the job done too.


Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – 16 Best Items To Sell As Soon As Possible

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players should consider selling the following items at their earliest convenience.

It may take a few more hits to break down these ore deposits, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor, especially if players have a weak weapon that they don’t mind getting rid of. That being said, it’s always prudent to fuse something appropriate with these heavy weapons to maximize the efficiency of each strike.

How To Obtain

Two-handed heavy weapons are pretty common across Hyrule and its many locales.

8 Fusing Weapons With A Flux Core

A Powerful Fuseable Material That Hits For Serious Damage

Link facing a Flux Construct 1

The Flux Construct is a new enemy in Tears of the Kingdom. This creation of the Zonai can be tricky to beat, especially when it comes to the higher-leveled variants. Beating this enemy nets a Flux Core that players can fuse with a weapon to form a Flux Smasher.

This fusion turns weapons into advanced hammers, making it easy to break down in no time flat. For the best results, players should merge a Flux Core with a large weapon.

How To Obtain

Flux Constructs are present on the Sky Islands and in the Depths, making both avenues the best ones to explore for players who are seeking out a Flux Core.

7 Fused Shield and Sword

A Simple Way To Get An Ore-Smasher

fused shield and sword

Destroying a rock or ore does not require a sharp weapon. Using such weapons for this purpose will usually break them. However, a blunt, heavy weapon will do the trick. Fusing a sword and a shield will give Link a heavier but stronger weapon capable of smashing apart rocks.

The fused shield and sword are more effective than using even the Royal Guards Bow. Using a rusty old sword and a shield is just as effective as the Master Sword fused with any shield.

How To Obtain

Shields and weapons are abundant across Hyrule, making this a simple way to get an ore-smashing weapon.

6 Talus Stone Heart

A Powerful Item To Fuse Into Weapons And Smash Objects

talus stone heart

The Talus’ Stone Heart is an item Link gets after he defeats the stone monster, with this material being strong and blunt enough to destroy rocks and ores. Players can’t pick up Talus’ stone heart. instead, they have to fuse the stone heart with a spear or a branch to create a weapon.


8 Beginner Tips For The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

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Fusing the heart to another weapon increases the damage it can inflict on enemies, and it is an effective weapon against the skeletal Bokoblins. For players wanting the weapon fast, they can go to the Crenel Hill Cave and find the first Stone Talus that they’re likely to fight.

How To Obtain

There are many Talus present in and beneath Hyrule. Players are rewarded with a fusible Stone Heart after defeating them.

5 Bomb Flowers

A Great Resource For Blasting Ore


Bomb flowers are a powerful and destructive weapon capable of causing a lot of damage. They can destroy more than just rocks or ores, blasting away enemies and barriers. It is very effective when fused with a projectile weapon like an arrow or a spear.

The more powerful the base weapon, the more damage the Bomb Flowers will cause. To ensure that Link’s health is not affected by the explosion, he can safely shoot this weapon from a distance.

How To Obtain

Bomb Flowers are extremely valuable, and players can get them in caves, the depths, and as a reward for giving Poes to a bargainer statue. They are also present in chests and given as a reward for propping up Addison signs, although this is a far less reliable way to attain this resource.

4 Zonai Time Bombs

A Great Item For Blasting Ore If Players Have An Abundance Of It


The Zonai Time Bomb is a new addition to the myriad of weapons available to players in The Legend of Zelda game series. It is a very powerful weapon that is capable of so much destruction than just breaking apart rocks and ores, it can also activate the other Zonai devices near the point of impact.


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It can be activated by using a sword, arrow, or any other weapon, and it will produce flashes of light that get faster until it explodes. This weapon is located in several locations throughout the game, players can get the Time Bomb from specific device dispensers.

How To Obtain

The best way to get this Zonai device is to find a dispenser that provides it, and stuff it with Zonai Charges and Construct Horns.

3 Boulder Hammer

An Invaluable Weapon That Players Won’t Mind Smashing Against Ore

hammer boulder

The boulder hammer is the easiest rock-smashing weapon to make, and it is also the simplest weapon to find in Tears of the Kingdom. It can also be used to attack enemies, but it has a low durability and players can only use it to strike enemies or rocks a few times.

Players can create this weapon by fusing a two-handed weapon with a boulder. The weapon could be a tree branch with good grip and balance. Players can also fuse a rusty claymore with a boulder to create a very effective boulder hammer. Big rocks can be easily found in the mountainous areas in the game.

How To Obtain

Boulders are present all across Hyrule and can be easily fused to weapons without any hassle.

2 Giant Spike Balls

Find In Enemy Bases To Enhance Damage And Smash Things

giant spike ball

The Spiked Iron-Ball hammer is a very powerful item that deals a lot of damage to enemies, and it can easily break apart rocks and ores. Players can create this weapon by fusing a weapon or a tree branch with an iron ball spike.


Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – 16 Best Items To Sell As Soon As Possible

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players should consider selling the following items at their earliest convenience.

Spiked Iron-Ball hammers have high durability. Link can use this weapon to destroy several rocks before the weapon falls apart. Players will have to time their swings accurately as the weapon is heavy due to its size. The damage this weapon can cause makes it a useful and effective weapon against enemies and rocks.

How To Obtain

Most enemy bases in Hyrule have spike balls that can be fused to weapons with ease, enhancing their damage significantly.

1 Zonai Cannons

A Quick, If Impractical, Way To Explode Ore From A Distance

zonai cannon

Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of Zonai devices for players to use, and the Zonai Canon is one of the best in the game. Zonai Canons are powerful weapons that can shoot explosive shots and easily destroy hordes of enemies and break rocks and ores apart.

Players can fuse the Zonai Canon with spears or swords and shoot at enemies, barriers, rocks, and ores. When fused with other weapons, Link can shoot the canons from a safe distance blowing away enemies from a safe distance.

How To Obtain

Zonai dispensers are the best bet for players who are struggling to find cannons.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
May 12, 2023




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