Dragon’s Dogma 2 not only has an engaging story but also introduces players to a massive world with loads of areas to explore and countless items to collect. As the game does not force you to focus on the main story, this allows you to venture out and complete side quests and traverse through caves containing formidable bosses and gleaming treasure.

The Black Freakish Mane is an enhancement material that players will be looking for in order to make their gear viable for the latter half of the game. As this material is quite rare to find, most players will have missed an early game location where anyone can farm this material as much as they want.


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Where To Find Black Freakish Mane

Waterfall Cave in Dragon's Dogma 2

To find the Black Freakish Mane, you will first have to make your way to the Ultramarine Waterfall, which is located northeast of Melve. After taking an Oxcart to Melve from Vernworth, you will need to walk the whole way to Borderwatch Outpost and then further east to reach the Waterfall Cave. Waterfall Cave has three floors, which can be confusing at first glance. Heading into the cave, keep following the main path until you reach a body of water. Here, there are Asps that are similar to Saurians but can cause Blighted Debilitation to you and your party. This status effect can be cured with items, so you do not have to worry much about it. Deal with them and head left, which takes you to a gap that you can cross. However, instead of going across the gap, you need to jump down and head left to access the main area of the first floor.

As you proceed further, more Asps can be found sleeping, as well as Slime monsters, who can be a bit troublesome. Deal with them until you reach the crossroads. Here, you will be able to see a big arena on one side, with a giant creature waiting in the middle.


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How To Beat Gorechimera

Waterfall Cave 1F Map in Dragon's Dogma 2

Inside the boss arena, you will come face to face with Gorechimera, a five-health bar boss who can cut your health bar in half with a single claw attack. The fight with Gorechimera can be quite a tricky one, mainly because of its three heads performing different attacks on you and your party. During the first section of the fight, the Snakehead tail of the beast will be non-functional, making it easier to focus on the other heads of the beast.

Gorechimera in Dragon's Dogma 2

The Sheephead located on top of the beast takes the most damage by far. However, this is not favorable for all Vocations as getting on top of the beast to attack the Sheephead is not possible for some Vocations. Ranged classes, such as Mages and Sorcerers, can cast the High Levin that summons Lightning from the sky, which can directly hit the Sheephead, dealing massive damage to the boss’s overall health bar. Fighters and Warriors have skills such as Launchboard that allow them to launch at ally to a greater height. You can use it to make your allies get closer to the Sheephead.

One of the best Vocations for this fight is the Thief. This is mainly because of their overpowered skill, the Helm Splitter, or its upgraded form, Skull Splitter. This attack allows the player to spin to deliver multiple blows to the enemy. Whenever the player casts this on the side of Gorechimera, they can easily mount the beast allowing them to perform Scalet Kisses onto the Sheephead. Gorechimera’s Lionhead has a leap attack that can be fatal, but it can be easy to look out for and dodge using the Swift Step on the Thief.

The Snakehead can activate at any time and has a grab attack that takes out a lot of your stamina and health, so you have to be mindful of that attack. Another attack to look out for is the Magick circle area, which, after a time, causes everyone inside the circle to have Sleep Debilitation. You can either use an item to cure this or have one of your Pawns wake you up.

Do not be afraid to use Wakestones in this fight because it is a challenging one, but after multiple attempts, you will be able to understand its attack patterns, making this fight relatively easier. After defeating the boss, you will get more than 8000 XP and can get one to three Black Freakish Mane, depending on your luck. There is a low chance of getting more than one because of the low drop rate. However, as the boss is respawnable, you can rest and come back the next day to fight it again for a chance to acquire more of the enhancement material.

On the second floor of the Waterfall Cave, you can find a chest that, after opening, summons Wight, an Undead Sorcerer boss who has three health bars and can drop a Black Crystal after being defeated.

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