Gauss Prime is now available in Warframe, and here’s the best build to maximize the Warframe’s abilities.

Warframe’s Whisper of the Wall quest introduced various warframes with unique abilities and stats. From the radioactive Qorvex Warframe to the Grimoire spellbook, there’s a lot of content to dive into. The Gauss Warframe is the latest addition to the Warframe franchise, and it deals high damage, is fast, and is highly durable.

Gauss is one of the few warframes that never stops moving since its battery gets charged with every move. As a supersonic blender of destruction, Gauss oppresses and annihilates enemies with constant bullets and melee swings. While Gauss has fantastic and powerful abilities across all ranges, players must equip it with the best build to unlock its full potential. Here’s a guide on the best Gauss build to maximize its abilities.



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Best Gauss Build in Warframe

warframe gauss build

Like any other Warframe build, there are many variations of the Gauss build players can use depending on their play style and preference, but here’s the best:

Build Effect
Energy Siphon For Energy regeneration
Primed Continuity Adds Ability Duration, increasing it to 278%
Archon Flow Enhances Energy Capacity. Use Flow or Primed Flow to top up the energy.
Archon Vitality Increases Health, ensuring players get more out of Thermal Slander. This can be replaced with Quick Thinking.
Narrow Minded Enhances Duration, but at the expense of damage range.
Augur Message Enhances Duration.
Stretch Offsets the negative range found in Narrow Minded,

Players don’t have to equip the Gauss Warframe with the eight new tome mods introduced in Whispers of the Wall. While the Invocation and Canticle modes can buff the Warframe’s ability across all stats, they’re more expensive to acquire. Players can replace this with arcane and other mods and still unlock the full potential of Gauss. As for Archon Shards, use the 3x Crimson Archon Shard and the 2x Amber Archon Shard. These two enhance the Ability Duration and Casting Speed of your Warframe.

The Gauss Warframe in Whispers of the Wall is fast-paced, so managing its rotations and movements is challenging. Players should activate Kinetic Plating as soon as they’re deployed, followed by their 4th activity – Redline. To charge up the Warframe’s battery, players should activate its first ability, Mach Rush, and keep moving until it is fully charged. Next, get in the middle of an enemy clutter and use Thermal Sunder to deal damage and strip them of their armor. You can use Thermal Sunder as long as your battery is full. If not, keep moving to let the battery charge.


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